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Attention People of Earth!

This month the SketchBomb crew is going to try to do a bit of a crossover.  Since the Sacramento and SF SketchBombs are relatively close to each other, we are encouraging as many people as possible to go to both SketchBombs in an effort to get more people to meet more people.  So, we are doing them one week after the other....

This Month's SketchBomb: SF will be held on Saturday, May 21st.  Like always it will be at the Grove at 3rd and Mission in San Francisco at 8 PM… .  

The Grove has been super-awesome to us.  I want SketchBomb to continue to bring them business and great vibes, too.  They have good food, alcohol (but you don't have to be 21 to attend), and a bunch of other stuff so it would be great if we all got a few drinks or some food or whatever to thank them for the roof (and so we don't over-stay our welcome).  Afterwards we usually move to another location and do a 21 and older version at Irish Bank.

The following week on Friday, May 27th SketchBomb: Sacramento will be held at Tupelo Coffee House, 5700 Elvas Ave. Sacramento at 8PM

SketchBomb is an open-invitation to any artist of any skill-level to come out and have a good time and sketch.  

All the usual peeps will be at their usual spots, but we have some guaranteed crossovers.  The following artists will be at both events: :iconzatransis: :iconfrogbillgo: :iconhainanuisance: :iconjuniorbethyname: :iconsoulkarl: :iconizaart: and we'll add more as they are confirmed!

How it works: We usually alternate between timed themes and free sketching and we always have Show and Yell so people can check out everyone's work.

I can have copies of my Art Book "FaceBomb: The Art of Mike Henry" for sale!  If you want to nab up a copy there let me know so I bring enough.  They are $25 a piece, 76 pages, Hardcover, Full color, and I'll do a sketch in each one!  

We've had crossover before but never as a concerted effort.  Hope to see you all there... it'll be a good time!

Feel free to re-post this journal to get the attention stirrin'.  Stay tuned to The Official SketchBomb Blog for all things SketchBomb!


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AWWWWW i just left SF for a month