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SketchBomb BCN - Zombie Punk by Zatransis Sketchbomb BCN - Shaman Bomber by Zatransis  SketchBomb BCN - Zombie Punk by Zatransis Sketchbomb BCN - Shaman Bomber by Zatransis
  • Listening to: Web so Dense - J Mascis

Beach Lite by Zatransis Beach Lite by Zatransis Beach Lite by Zatransis
  • Listening to: Another Drinkin' Song - Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Bao, The Appraiser by Zatransis
  • Listening to: Eeyore - Slipknot
Norm by Zatransis Befreckled by Zatransis
  • Listening to: All Out Life - Slipknot

Slimer - The Real Ghostbusters by Zatransis
  • Listening to: Superhero - Faith No More

The Adventures of Grit Beefbolt by Zatransis
  • Listening to: Buried Alive - Logic

The Keeper by Zatransis
  • Listening to: Blue Meanies

Bad Ideas by Zatransis
  • Listening to: Lots of Ska... 'Tis the season!

Hey, Spidey! by Zatransis
  • Listening to: Still Ogikubo Station.... check them out now!

Marked by Zatransis
  • Listening to: Ogikubo Station

What Was That Noise by Zatransis
  • Listening to: Billy Joel - 52nd Street
  • Listening to: Huey Lewis and the News
  • Listening to: Satanic Surfers
  • Listening to: My son not going to sleep on the monitor
  • Listening to: Heaven and Earth - Kamasi Washington
  • Listening to: The new Bosstones record

Beardman by Zatransis Soul Patch by Zatransis  Redgirl by Zatransis Hakan by Zatransis Wolverine, Bub by Zatransis   All Nighter by Zatransis New Pink Hair Girl by Zatransis  Skull Queen - Procreate Painting by Zatransis  Orange by Zatransis  The Gentleman by Zatransis  Big Boss - Braving the (Sand)storm by Zatransis  Street Fighter V - Hakan by Zatransis  Bangs by Zatransis  Droplets by Zatransis  Doofus Drake by Zatransis Ol' One-Eye by Zatransis Mr. J by Zatransis  Strong Look by Zatransis Jack by Zatransis  Dog Of Corn by Zatransis Pommes Mit Mayo by Zatransis  Future Science by Zatransis  Batou by Zatransis  Wallflower by Zatransis  Crooked by Zatransis Innocent by Zatransis  Bob by Zatransis  Bloody Mary by Zatransis The Barbed Monk by Zatransis Dye Job by Zatransis  Vote ''Me'' by Zatransis  Sam Space by Zatransis Grigori by Zatransis  Mr Draven (The Crow) by Zatransis Deaddie by Zatransis  Peghead by Zatransis  Stormy by Zatransis Blade Journey by Zatransis  Merry Christmas 2016 by Zatransis  De Naga by Zatransis Goliath by Zatransis  SketchBLEAARRGH! by Zatransis  New Crops by Zatransis Carbuncle Unchained by Zatransis  Louise by Zatransis  Marsala by Zatransis Just Chillin' by Zatransis  Bone Machine by Zatransis Red Wall by Zatransis The Lifestream by Zatransis  An Interruption by Zatransis Whobreck by Zatransis The Gang by Zatransis  The New Keyblade Master by Zatransis  Consumption by Zatransis  Shocking Alberto by Zatransis Barret Wallace by Zatransis  Kefka by Zatransis  A Village Corrupted by Zatransis Corpse Collector by Zatransis  Old Boss by Zatransis Tank by Zatransis Agony - Full Sheet by Zatransis  The Flayer by Zatransis  The Graven Templar by Zatransis  The Hunter by Zatransis  The Occultist by Zatransis  Flower by Zatransis  The Palooka - Now in Color! by Zatransis  Becky, Just Becky by Zatransis  Experiments, Experiments by Zatransis Heterochromia by Zatransis  Mrs. Claus - Merry Christmas! by Zatransis  Jupiter Jazz by Zatransis The Accessory by Zatransis Yoga - Greys by Zatransis Yoga - Paints by Zatransis  The Disciple by Zatransis  Corn Dog Lady by Zatransis  The Withered Prince by Zatransis  The Adherent by Zatransis  The Rotten Slew by Zatransis  Egon Spengler - The Real Ghostbusters by Zatransis Sleep by Zatransis  Age Defiant by Zatransis


Zatransis Everywhere! by Zatransis
  • Listening to: Can't Swim
Hey everyone,

Don't forget we've got a Discord channel where we talk about art and other stuff.  Come by and say hi!

Zat's Art Chat Discord Announcement by Zatransis

Hit the link and follow the instructions:

  • Listening to: Sussudio - Phil Collins
The Rotten Slew by Zatransis

Others in the series...
A Village Corrupted by ZatransisCorpse Collector by Zatransis The Flayer by Zatransis The Graven Templar by Zatransis The Hunter by Zatransis The Occultist by Zatransis The Disciple by Zatransis The Withered Prince by Zatransis The Adherent by Zatransis

Taking a short break from this series to focus on other things. More to come eventually.



Zatransis Everywhere! by Zatransis
  • Listening to: Tattooed In Reverse - MM
Hey gang!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes.  I really appreciate the kindness.