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Wolverine in the Full

By Zatransis
Hey gang!

This took WAY longer to get out the door than I intended. It was half-finished a couple days ago but I couldn't get back to it. Then I had some crits on it which made me alter some more stuff. All of that will be chronicled in my "making of" deviation that I will drop some time tomorrow. It has 15 steps.. it's a monster!

Special thanks to Galloway :iconcheeks-74: for some pointers.

Anyway, I hope everyone digs the hell out of this. He was so much fun I already have Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Beast in sketch form.

Later goons!

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Such a big body but such skinny legs
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great work here!! just fav!!
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I'm taken aback by your rendition of Wolverine...Looks like a cool idea of someone wanted to use this as a tattoo (with your say so considered first, of course)...Very shiny and realistic linework and coloring...Going crazy for them claws, nice...Even love the little things like his spotted footwear, his belt, and even his cigarette bud...Very good job with this one...One of the top best Wolverine artworks out here to me and hopefully more artwork will come from those scary talented fingertips of yours.
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Wow... thanks a lot for the kind words. I really appreciate the in-depth comment.

Thanks, man!

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Thanks a lot!

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This is the first Wolfie that comes close to tango'n with Ramos' my humble and often overt opinion
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XD this is genious my friend!
Now this is awesome!
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very very nice!!! do the rogue, she is so awesome!
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Thanks! I've done a Rogue piece but she'll be in my book. Coming out soon!

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WoWWW! great! I want to see, let me known !
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W-... o-... w-...!
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I dont know why but I really think the mud on his boots is an awesome touch, it looks great!
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Thanks for noticing, hehe.

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I'm so loving this!
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