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Wolverine Unmasked

By Zatransis
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Hey hey!

I did this piece back in March but never posted it up. It's basically an update to my previous Wolverine pieces but now shows what Logan looks like under that mask of his.

Hope ya dig, peeps!

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a beautiful boy
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SDAGGProfessional Digital Artist
Nice style and shapes!
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TheComicCrafterHobbyist General Artist
It really reminds me of the old super-stylized Spider-Man and Friends toys.
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xaviir20Student Artist
Awesome job very cartoony👍
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JingusStudent General Artist
it's like in between his nose and his mouth there's a black hole and it's slowly sucking the rest of his face in.
good artwork Thumbs Up 
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Wow! Great lighting and shadows (and colors in general)! How do you do all that so well? 
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SerolfRyduRHobbyist General Artist
Wolverine is one of my favorites! Your style is amazing!
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This just yells, "Bub!"
I love it! :D
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ZatransisProfessional Digital Artist
Hehe... thanks!

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You're welcome. ^^
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MichaelAtaraxiaHobbyist Digital Artist
That's a rather imposing and terrifying take on an already imposing and terrifying character. Bravo!
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SavvyRedHobbyist General Artist
I've always loved this one.

I just noticed his cigar looks like a big red nose set on fire! lol
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awesome work. love the form :D
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JuanCharlesProfessional Digital Artist
By far it was Fred Flintstone pence hahaha, Very good style! :)
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:iconlalinealaughplz: God, this has such a World of Quest feel to it.
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stephenburgerProfessional Traditional Artist
Nice interpretation of ther character. Well done.

If you get a chance, pls check out the comic I am writing/illustrating called TALK! -> [link] - please 'Like' it (if you do, of course :)

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ArtistofPotatosStudent Artist
Trippy. O.o
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that face is derpy lol
Zatransis's avatar
ZatransisProfessional Digital Artist
Why not?

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Hahaah shrug
Check out my sites please

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shaunmarlonHobbyist Traditional Artist
i love it!
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MuksmiduulitHobbyist General Artist
That face totally made my day! xD Really well drawn!
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This is killer, great great work!
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