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Victor Creed Colors

Here is the piece I did for my last Live Stream. It is a commission for :iconlarsloenstrup: . Hooray for completing commissions!

Live Stream: [link]

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very well done :)!
zombilina's avatar
Wow, that's awesome :)
WhiterShadeofPail's avatar
gah! big forearms are BIG. Like the shading though!
djinn-world's avatar
nice! very sharp!
Sabrerine911's avatar
AWESOMNESS!!!Sabes is an ANIMAL!!!
SpawnGuy's avatar
He looks like he's as mad as heck and he's not gonna take it anymore!
Zatransis's avatar
DocterCamelot's avatar
Couldn't watch the whole thing yesterday but i really enjoyed it. Will check out a lot more of your livestreams :)

btw, love his expression!
larsloenstrup's avatar
Oh My....this is Sooooo Awesome. This came out so great.
I love it, Mike!

Zatransis's avatar
Awesome, dude. Glad you dig it!

JamieFayX's avatar
very cool!!! let me know if you still wanna collab sometime!
Zatransis's avatar
I definitely do! Keep on me like that and eventually it will all time out right! Hehe.

JamieFayX's avatar
so whe nare we gonna collab? lol too soon to keep on you?
Zatransis's avatar
Haha... Maybe a little too soon.

ilblissli's avatar
kicks ass dude
StevenSanchez's avatar
Really cool final Mike! Nice seeing ya rock another one. Hope to see a lot more!

Zatransis's avatar
Right on! Thanks, San.

midnightheist's avatar
Loved the live stream, the shapes in the face are coolies. :)
Aeoline's avatar
good job until my video went out. Oh well looks great mike.
ZhouRules's avatar
looks awesome. great livestream once again. everytime i learn something new
RodrigoDiazAravena's avatar
Excellent drawing and colors! !!... your technique is marvelous :D
Smitty-Tut's avatar
Turned Out So Good!!! Always a learning experience watching the live stream :) Such an Inspiration!

Keep Up The Great Work Man!! :w00t:
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