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Street Fighter Sketch : Sagat

By Zatransis

I did this sketch before I started on the other SF sketches and totally forgot about it.

Anyhoo.... TIGER!


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pwnerj's avatar
Sagat's been doing way too many back and shoulder exercises...
kpsodia's avatar
master of sketch
binkibonsai's avatar
Love the proportion distortion
OLD-UNION's avatar
this is really great, the blur from the camera gives it an awesome movement effect.
icedrum123's avatar
rooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddddd rraaaaggggggeee
Yeti-Labs's avatar
Love your style and energy in these! This is my favorite in the bunch! Is this col-erase and pen?
Zatransis's avatar
Thanks a lot!

Yep! Rose Col-erase and ballpoint.

RobbVision's avatar
so freakin awesome, mike!
Zatransis's avatar

Thanks a lot, Robb.

theINAshow's avatar
He looks like that weird mutant lookin creep from 300 :P
rgm501's avatar
have some baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
looks sick yo.
CuRtiS-Hunt's avatar
this looks awesome, great lines
TheArtributor's avatar
Looks like the Hulk.
JoshawaFrost's avatar
Wow! I love this!!! He is SO SICK!!! Nice job man!
chethemoth's avatar
bad ass man! keep kicking ass!
NJValente's avatar
Nice! Im liking this series of sketches.
plaidklaus's avatar
He puts some time in working on those traps. I bet the guys at the gym give him evil stares when he hogs the machines. hehe. Love the BG motion lines on this piece!
stalk's avatar
Emerson-Fialho's avatar
Stunning performance, congratulations!!! Big hug, man!
kittykatrocks's avatar
this is kool and AMAZING!!X3.u did an AWSHUM JOB!!:3
Zatransis's avatar
Thanks, dudette!

kittykatrocks's avatar
Zatransis's avatar
Thanks, dude!

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