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Street Fighter Sketch : Karin

Hey gang!

Yet ANOTHER Street Fighter Sketch. This one of the wonderfully snobby Karin from Street Fighter Alpha 3.

To catch these as they're done, hit up my Instagram!


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Other Street Fighter sketches:

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Adenine91's avatar
I've always thought of Karin as hot.  Love 
Ruz18's avatar
Nice scetch! :D
Karin is, most definitely, one of my favorite characters
of Street Fighter Alpha 3, next to Ken.
TailsKriby's avatar
Awesome art of my best Alpha 3 Character :D
sidetrack1's avatar
Is this suppose 2b quasi-disney style?.Guile has chin like an old man xD !
Javas's avatar
AWESOME, love the pose
lightdark0123's avatar
I don't see her in any new street fighter? By the way, I love those ink.
Zatransis's avatar

That's because the rights to use her are tied up with a manga-ka. I can't remember the details but you should be able to find it online.

Damn it! I wish I could animate these sketches!!!!
boldtman's avatar
SLICK! I feel like I could build your drawings out of lego they're so chunky! Awesome series here. Keep them looking left!
Emerson-Fialho's avatar
Nice work, excellent!
All the best...
mattroper's avatar
Nice! I think I like this one most of the other fighters you did.
kittykatrocks's avatar
wow!!this looks great and AMAZING!!X3..luv the curls and the pose<3..ur doing an AWSOME JOB:3 with these sketches :3..i love them allXD
Cantaloupeisland's avatar
Killer! Love here curls. :)
Danoartist's avatar
Always thought she had a lame watered down personality but, I always liked her design way more than Sakura, you do her justice sir!
Kamuk's avatar
Really nice :D
JamieSkills's avatar
Very nice work. I love this pose and ur style!
SpectorKnight's avatar
Bidon45's avatar
Can't get enough of your style of drawing! You should always put up the "sketch only" versions too I love seeing those (the red lines under neath the pen)
Zatransis's avatar
Hey thanks!

I try to post as many of them as possible. Sometimes I just don't use a red pencil, though.

sterlingsinc7's avatar
Love the Pose : D
Zatransis's avatar
coreylandis's avatar
I like those thick, sharp lines on her hands. Looks good on Karin.
Zatransis's avatar
Thanks, man!

DawidFrederik's avatar
Oh dear god PLEASE tell me you are going to end up doing a character select scene/VS screen with all of these AWESOME images
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