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Street Fighter: Cammy White

Took longer than expected...

Here's my take on Cammy White from Street Fighter fame. I made a TON of tweaks to her face once I got it into Photoshop. At first some bad tweaks but then I fixed her.

This one was so much fun to do. Green and Red are two of my favorite colors to paint and take to the cool side of the spectrum.

Hope you all dig her!

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Cute and adorable!:meow::love:
Sniper0092's avatar
A unique style.
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It might be from 2010, but i featured it today on my webblog Fighting Games Elite here [link]

Great work!
Zatransis's avatar
Thanks for the shout out, sir!

petitangel's avatar
really cool, enjoy the way you paint mate.
AquaXranoX's avatar
those eyes xD and i see that she has the same pout she always would have, great job
OH MY GOD !!!! IT looks better than the original !!!!
Marvsamune's avatar
A, W, E, S, O, M, E.......... TUTORIAL PLEASE!!! Master!!!!!!!
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do you have a blueprint? im 3d modeler and i like it your cammy concept
colliewolf2010's avatar
wiked, like youre style.
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I take it Cammy sells Esurance now?
Zatransis's avatar
Why is that?

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The art style looks like the art style they use for Esurance girl in the commercials. Not a diss, just an observation.
Ivy182's avatar
Great job man, Im really liking this one.
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Thanks, dude! Sorry I haven't responded to you on other things... I'll do that right now!

Butterzup's avatar
Her face is really really beautiful...I would like to touch it, if she would be real :giggle:
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Great work. The colour work is awesome.
N3v3r-Kn0ws-B3st's avatar
Shes my Main Character
Zatransis's avatar
Nice! She's my Wife's main, too.

N3v3r-Kn0ws-B3st's avatar
shes a pretty cool play style although her kicks are a little easy to master sorta like ryus hadukken
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Very unique style, nice coloring
Rogerbacon's avatar
Very cool stylization of the character. I like it.
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