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Hey gang!

The other night on the uber-talented Matt :iconamericanninjax: Humphreys' LiveStream he sketched out an awesome Ogre-Robot-Monster-Thing. I thought it was so Bowie I decided to give it a little paint treatment. I tried to make him sort of like an old TMNT action figure from when I was a kid.

I did the whole thing as a LiveStream so if you want to see the paint process, head over to my LiveStream Channel and check it out!

Part1: [link]

Part2: [link]

I hope you dig it!

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That eye on the abdomen is pretty unique.
I just love it !! It blows my mind :D I love it even more because it has to background story, just a random creature made out of imagination xD fav and watch
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A chaotic, but very well-formed design!
I like the eye where his intestinal tract should be! :D
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Nice video on will help me greatly on my character design that I hesitated on for a week LOL I finished the background but will start on the character tomorrow...thanks!!!!...:)
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Super MEga Awesome =D
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LOL already told Matt that he and you should combine into one supreme artistic being. He suggests a Voltron like combo. What say you?
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There may already be a piece like that tied up in a contest that we can't show yet..... ;)

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These colors are amazing! The design is very interesting as well, seems cartoon-ish but still professionally done to me C: Awesome job!
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It does have a Saturday-morning cartoonish feeling to it!
illustrator-artwork's avatar
this is just AWESOME!
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crazy design, awesome colors!
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nice work, love the coloring.
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Just fantastic as allways.

But the most fun I had to watch the birth. I live on your streams. They are informativ and a lot of fun to watch. Watching you at your work awaken many different feelings inside of me. Sometimes I could break out in tears becouse I recognize how far I am away from creating good art. Than I could laugh becouse Im so fascinated how throw gradients on each layer (it sounds more dramatic than it actuly is). Without your livestreams I would be much worse. So thank you again for posting your images on DA and for your streams.
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That's awesome to hear! I'm really glad the livestreams are helping people.

Thanks for the nice words. Keep working at it and you'll be blowing your own mind soon enough!

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sick lookin genious idea!!
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Amazing job with the textures and color choice as well as glare wow wow wow! Work like this keeps me inspired A+!
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haha, I like that his eyeball tummy is oozing green goo B)
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It looks absolutely awsome! Exactly the type of monster creature thing I love ^^
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Awesome job Mike! He looks really amazing, especially the texturing on his tentacle and metal shoulder piece. Great stuff.

I do have one complaint, though--I was watching Part 1 of your LiveStream for this piece and during it, a Bad Religion song came on and you skipped over it. Way uncool, man. :)
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Haha... sorry. I assure you it was an error.

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