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Prelude to Yoga Catastrophe

Update: Slightly altered image quality and returned to square format. That shit was bugging me.

Hey gang,

Been doing these sketches of Street Fighters in profile lately. Here's more of an action shot than the others. This is easily one of my favorite moments in any Dhalsim match.


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Other recent Street Fighter sketches:

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i wanna learn how to draw can u give me a tip
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Draw and Draw and draw and more draw. And draw.
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Really cool!!!
MOUDAMOU's avatar
you are INSPIRATION <3
Zatransis's avatar
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Dude im totaly in LOVE with your art style!
Zatransis's avatar
Hey, thanks!

obeytrueart's avatar
really clean and cool
MAXanimes's avatar
very cool, I really liked =D
boberthi07's avatar
does he in-fact have a twelve pack of abs?
thats a lot of abs
Sushibeats's avatar
fanfrikkin' tastic!
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Thanks, man!

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These are awesome! ever going to do Blanka?
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congratulations man!!! i love your works
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Thanks, dude.

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Hahahahaha! Pretty rad, Mike! Love the Yoga Flame peeking out of his throat!
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hey dhalsim! its gorgeous! :D
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his tongue is just brilliant !
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