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Mega-Man: The Server is Down

By Zatransis
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Hey gang!

Here's my other Mega-Man piece that didn't make it into the book.

I had a lot of fun with this one. Even though it didn't make it in, out of the three I submitted it's still my favorite. I figured if everyone did a crazy action shot I wanted to have a quiet moment.

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Why does this look like Big Hero 6 to me tho?
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This almost looks like his transition from Megaman to Quint.
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THIS IS AWESOME!!! Aww man i just have to know. How are you able to get such shading, and color, and detail into your characters? Is there a specific art program that works best?
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Mega man, one of the best robot fighters ever.
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impressive work!
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it reminds me if 2d from the Gorillas was a cybog and could plug into the matrix
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awesome texture =D
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Amazing and unique rendition of mega man.
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Really beautiful ! I love your coloring technique !
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This rocks men this should deserve to be in the book it shows the boy , the human feeling inside
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Awesome piece, your renderings are awesome! Did you do an initial sketch of this one? I'd love to see it man!
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Very cool, dude. One thing that I think we can both agree with, is that the competition was extremely fierce.

I think I'll go and upload my piece.
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The neon lights and the colours are amazing, all the scene is fantastic, and original, instead a classic dynamic pose of MM.
Beautiful work, featured on my blog, as the other pic you did with Spike of Cowboy Bebop.
Check the features here [link]
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Thank you, sir!

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Hey man this is really nice! This actually inspired me to write a very short piece of Fan Fiction. The quality of what I wrote might not be good, but I still wanted to thank you for the inspiration! ^^ Great picture.
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Oh, that looks SO cute! :D
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Your coloring skills are insane!!!
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Teach me to colour like that???
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