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silver-gunner's avatar
f a m i l y m a n
Adenine91's avatar
Great artwork style on Guile!  
puccarocks123's avatar
He is beautiful. Dat chin, though...
juanito316ss's avatar
From the thumb, I seriously thought it was Jorgen from Fairly Odd Parents. xD
Username-91's avatar
So... damn... good! :lol: Epic sketch!
810924's avatar
this style of sketch reminds me to Joe Mad
Kaos10's avatar
it's chin-tastic!
Mastersith40's avatar
Your work is fantastic
CousinTed's avatar
Excellent. It's a very unique take on Guile that still manages to suit him perfectly.
Leonidas666's avatar
Dylanio21's avatar
I love this, looked at it every day since you posted it.
Radiant-Grey's avatar
hey, his dog tags fit his neck now! ;)
Zatransis's avatar
Haha... good eye!

a7md93's avatar
Excellent !!
I love his expression ..
Lucain24's avatar
I'm loving your style. Wow!
WolfSpiritZERO's avatar
*thinks about going home and being a family man
But he can't.
Awesome work man.
Even though I hate pull back/charge characters.
Guile is mah boi.
Zatransis's avatar
Thanks, dude!

MighthammerClan's avatar
Friggin' amazing as usual man. Keep up the great work!
Zatransis's avatar
Thanks, dude!

TheTigerz's avatar
Zatransis's avatar
Thanks, dude!

RedAlgae's avatar
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