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Earthworm Jim: Wallpaper

By Zatransis
Wallpaper... Because someone asked nicely.

Hit download for the full 1920 x 1080 version.

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© 2010 - 2021 Zatransis
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tokotiger's avatar
Hehe he looks so goofy and cute. I really like this.
TimKelly's avatar
New desktop image. i love it.
yudazaida's avatar
wow, I Like it
may use this wallpaper for my school project ?
MrLuKe33697's avatar
Now my wallpaper! Thanks for that! Love Earthworm Jim! xD
tehMandalorian's avatar
Thats classy. Nuff sed.
FiD0-DidO's avatar
SusuClan's avatar
damn,I love your inking!
rastapitan's avatar
thisd is amazing man
i love earthworm jim
boldtman's avatar
man i LOVE EWJ!
Nice work Mike!
Zatransis's avatar
Thanks, dude!

Francundo's avatar
jaja.. muy bueno que nostalgia que me dio!
This. Is. AWESOME.
superreddevil's avatar
OMG!! love this!! awesome work pal!
bittingSticks's avatar
I LOVE Earthworm Jim!!! awesome work!
FoxDie49's avatar
jajajaja extremly cool mate...i love earthworm jim...great work :)
jambe's avatar
You are made of so much win I can hardly stand it.

Thanks. This made my day.
kurtishudson's avatar
culdesackidz's avatar
Thank you for the wall paper
celldrifter's avatar
Awesome! Thanks man! I appreciate it.
Ijihara's avatar
Sweet. Thanks!
TheBooth's avatar
happymonkeyshoes's avatar
See now if they did a new EWJ in thi style, I'd be so happy. It needs to be 2D, not this 3D rubbish ;)

Really am digging this new style of yours, feels more dirty. Are you using a brush pen for the linework?
Zatransis's avatar

The images are all PS actually.

I would love to do a 2D EWJ like this, haha.

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