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Dhalsim: Yoga Blowfish

By Zatransis
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Last one for a while. Gotta get them commissions done! I don't even like playing as Dhalsim but I wanted to draw him with glowing cheeks, hehe.

Hope ya dig!

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PeediPaccmann's avatar
Cold as sh*t, hands down! I'm digging the dynamics
DukeSloth's avatar
That's awesome.
Antiwrathman's avatar
Why does he wear skulls if he's a pacifist?
Ysbrydion's avatar
His outfit is based off of the Kapalikas of India
Zatransis's avatar
The skulls he wears around his neck are those of village children that died during a plague.

AzureRainfall's avatar
He wields the skulls, honoring the children who died. (I believe.)
Zatransis's avatar
It's what I said.
Portosilva's avatar
This is really awesome! Love this one!
songofstorms422's avatar
thats pretty fucking sweet... great work i love this
Newvegashunter's avatar
grrrrrraaaaahhhhhhhh's avatar
Oh no! He's going to blow! GET OUT OF THERE AKUMA!!!!!!
Nragemachine's avatar
StrawHatPirate12's avatar
AWESOME! Dhalsim is my favorite! Great coloring and expression is awesome!
MightyD-Pad's avatar
This is crazy good:)
karniz's avatar
what a great illustration! I've always been more of a "visual" fan of Dhalsim... he was hard to control, but he made for awesome dynamic illustrations!
You've done a masterful job illuminating his cheeks, actually, I adore how the whole illustration is colored!
BummerForShort's avatar
He make a very good boob impression.
dracotheferret's avatar
I have practiced playing as Dhalsim from an early age and I still have yet to really master him. He's so much fun and interesting though.

Nice work :D
ninhU-Nodoubt's avatar
I love it!!!!

pretty job!
jcroxas's avatar
i love how you managed to make Dhalsim cuter than ever :lol:

this is so great! :clap:
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dpcdpc11's avatar
hahaha... looks so funny! one of my fav characters of SF!
gavacho13's avatar
Freaking AWESOME! Love it. It's always nice to see Street Fighter Artwork that has a sense of humor.
Zatransis's avatar
Thanks, dude! Glad you dig it.

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