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Daenerys Targaryen

Hey gang,

Daenerys from Game of Thrones. After tonight's episode, seems only fitting she's with Drogon.


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Didn't even notice the dragon behind her, until i read the description..
                                      Very cool style of drawing...
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Love your style!
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Lips! I've never seen Game of Thrones, but this picture is very nice even if I don't know who she is :) I'm meeting so many awesome, accomplished artists here :)
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That's totally Death Wing on her shoulder.
Babou-Shka's avatar
Is that Deathwing on her shoulder? lol
Fencing-Phoenix's avatar
Great work, this almostmakes me crave for an animated Game of Thrones show.
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Wicked pretty!
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Beautiful work. The colors are so eye catching as really makes the image come off the screen. :D
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Your line quality is so amazing.
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Beautiful..Love you line work!
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fukin radical
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WOw breathtaking work man, Damn this is so epic!
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Dude! This is badassed! I would buy the shit out of this if it were a print!
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Thanks, man! Good to know, hehe.

How ya been?

RedGrimRune's avatar
I been busy, but good! Glad to be past BigWow ComicFest, it was a great show, but creating 3 11x17 prints in 2 weeks is draining.

How's about you, brother?
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Omg Daenerys! She looks great! Wonderful job! :love:
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The artwork reminds me so much of the artwork used in the film Atlantis:The lost empire. I absolutely love it <3 excellent job
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