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June 17, 2011
Calvin and Hobbes: Moving On is by *Zatransis
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Calvin and Hobbes: Moving On

Hey peoples!

When I started this pic as a sketch I thought I was brilliant. I thought the idea was fresh and original. How retarded is that? Once I started looking up reference I found a giant pile of art about Calvin when he grows up. AND... a lot of them involved a daughter. I decided that I didn't care and did this one up anyway.

I hope everyone enjoys this piece. There is some heat regarding the concept of a grown up Calvin and that he should always remain a child. But to me, that's like wishing your puppy never becomes a dog or your child never becomes an adult... it's selfish. So, I consider this image about letting go of things you hold dear so it, and you, can move on.

Peace and carrots,

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And so the torch is passed on to the next well as a certain Tiger. ;)

Let gonof your childhood, so that you can move onnto something even better.

That said...

"CALVIN!!! Did you just let our kid skip past you in muddy boots?!"

"Sorry Susie!'

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Johnny Test is the worst Calvin and Hobbes animated rip-off ever!

burtonfan422's avatar

I guess Calvin see's a lot of himself in his daughter

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This just makes me smile. As a dad who has a daughter i hope she grows up to be just like Calvin, out exploring the world and having fun. If she has to make crazy snowmen, so be it. I'll always support her crazy ways
thesimmsonian's avatar
Poignant... in that sad/happy way.
TheLegoFan's avatar
Kinda wonder what kind of adventures Calvin’s daughter and Hobbs get thrown into.
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And the torch has been passed on
ValentineMeikin20xx's avatar
I almost feel like he's thinking, at that moment 'I see you are still enjoying yourself, Hobbes... and how long can I last before I spoil it?'
gordonphilbin's avatar
Brings back the good old days :)

What is the daughters name?
TheCartoonZone's avatar
This looks really cool. The only thing that bothers me is that the eyes look creepy as hell.
This is my favorite of all the 'Calvin grown up' comics.
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this reminded me of the robot chicken thing 
Darlaimerner's avatar
plot twist: he's planning the hundreds of ways he could commit murder and get away with it

notice how he's smiling at her despite how she just tracked mud into the house
ArtFart17's avatar
Calvin and Hobbes is my favorite
tmulcahy's avatar
It's brilliant! And well done.
sugartato's avatar
This is great! One of my favorite comics of all time! Clap 
jbriskin's avatar
Never saw any art like this before. Very nice, and the conceit behind it is wonderful.
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