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Calvin and Hobbes

Edit: Totally had a layer turned off.. all better now!

Here is the finished version. I had some fun with this one. Hope it shows!

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I love this remastered look you drew.
just awesome..
ZimVader0017's avatar
I love how Calvin's having the time of his life while Hobbes is just praying they get out alive from this one :XD:

Your artstyle is amazing and it does the comic justice, great job :thumbsup:
Zatransis's avatar
Thanks a lot for the kind words.  This one was a blast to do.

risingstar1011's avatar
LOVE their contrasting "AAAGH!" and "WHEEE!" expressions!
s0lidsteel's avatar
Good God. This just made me remember when I was 6. I love this comic so much. And this artwork is amazing.
ShadowSnperFlames's avatar
The best part is the way of the style, of Hobbes mostly it really shows alot about them.
Alpha-Lonewolf's avatar
Those two were the best comic ever
Ascotia-Bluefleck's avatar
Perfect! What ag reat tribute tot a great strip!
Snakeman2013's avatar
love Hobbes face lol!
operationamr3's avatar
C&H in a nutshell
Defenderas2012's avatar
I love hobbe's face
ANDREU-T's avatar
8one6's avatar
This still makes me smile!
UlitmaSephiroth's avatar
one of those defining moments of calvin and hobbes
Cantaloupeisland's avatar
Sweet take on amazing characters. Well done. :-)
Allrose's avatar
The style used is so perfect for Calvin and Hobbes! :la:
Caleblewis's avatar
SO wacky. I LOVE it
SketchySG's avatar
Woot, I found some fanart of my favorite comic strip! Very nice, it's wacky-looking just like the originals.
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