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Batman and Superman

Some things about this image were bothering me so I made several changes to punch it out more. I added one more level of highlights, clouds in the BG, some splatter, a harsher rim light, and I darkened their shadows just a little bit. I think all the changes are for the better but I am linking the original so you can be the judge. If an overwhelming amount of people enjoy the old one I will see about switching it back. [link]

Holy shit have I been drawing a lot...

I have been drawing so much for work and side projects that by the time I sit down to work on other things all I want to do is paint. Is that wrong?

Anyhow, this is another work by Joe Mad and Tim Townsend. An amazing duo are they. I hope I didn't muddle things up too bad. Inks can be seen here: [link]

The next thing I want to do is some Chris Bachalo lines. Or maybe some random artist. Anyone have any suggestions?

Pencils: Joe Madureira
Inks: Tim Townsend :icontimtownsend:
Colors: Mike Henry :iconzatransis:

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Man,this image makes me MAD!!!RAGE (Warning:this joke was meant for geeks.If you are a normal social man,this sentense might give you simptomes such as turbidness)
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great job,dude!! check my profile
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Sickeningly good work, as ever ^_^. As for suggestions, have you thought about colouring some of Justiniano's lines? That'd look amazing.
HOLY CRAP!!! I own this issue, even if I didn't the drawing is SO Joe Mad, but I've seen this colored before but I've never seen it in the Blue cape that is the real (or classic) Batman!

So Thanx for not only coloring Batman with his real colors (midnight blue for justice) but for such an outsanding job overall!
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Hehe... thanks a lot! Gotta represent for hardcore Batman fans!

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Amazing man. I love the darkness of Batman and the ';perfect superhero'ness about Superman. Great work.
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:dance: best team EVER! :love: You did a good work here! ;) =D
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My pleasure! My two fave superheroes ever!
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This piece looks nice and all... but the stuff you're doing lately makes this stuff look like total crap. And it's not crap.

Keep up the great work!!
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Hehe... thanks, sir! Knowing that you are getting better is one of the best feelings for an artist.

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Bloody brilliant! :worship:

I'm off to have a wee cry now. :D
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Hahaha... THanky ou, sir!

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How DARE you change your own drawing that you did yourself!? That's it! This is the last straw, your inconsistency is more than I can stand! I'm removing you from my friends list!

Seriously though, I loved the old one, but you did managed to improve on it! Great job man :)
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Thank you, sir. I don't usually go back and re-do things but I just felt this one needed one last push. Glad you dig!

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Great job on this!
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Those are some rigid muscles! They look they have something important to do.
I like how the lighting works here. Definitely feels like something interesting is going on. Sweet work!
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Awesome! Thanks a ton.

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