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M and P vs Z and T preview 2 fixed by DekuDave5, visual art

Artist // Hobbyist // Film & Animation
  • Feb 15, 1991
  • Panama
  • Deviant for 12 years
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My Bio
I've had to remove my previous deviantID because it's now obsolete. ^^; On a future I may update it with a new one, but it will be on a moment where you least expect it.

If you want to add me to chat with me about video games and my future projects, here:

Discord Dave4#3644

Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-7326-6749-4684

:icontumblrplz: in a future I'll stop submitting GTS content because it's way too fetish, so instead non-GTS content there (DaveZHSmash->DekuDave4)

:iconfacebook---plz:… (David "Datch" Yau)

:icontwitterplz: - Phone-Only (You can still call me DaveZHSmash like in my Nintendo Switch account)

:iconpatreonplz: On hiatus.

If you want to comment, scroll below where you can see the "Add a comment" message. My ID has become too long. ^^;

Well, I'm not an ordinary boy, I'm David, but call me DekuDave, DD4, Zatch or ZH. =)
I'm... okay, I shouldn't tell my age since the info above already says my current age and I prefer to not saturate you with outdated content anymore. I'm a freelance Flash animator, cartoon and anime drawer, spriter (not as much), and avatar maker, and I'm good at custom pixels, Flash drawings, and animations (mainly with Nintendo and GTS (or non-nudity cute giantess) stuff).

Go ahead if you like to see everything, from my works, my good moments, my bad moments for "no reason" and "unwanted jealousy", and my Flash Animations, from me! C=

:bulletblue: Kindhearted people =D
:bulletblue: Mario, and everything that is Mario! :meow:
:bulletblue: Mario pairings! Especially MxP, LxD! :iconmarioxpeachplz::iconluigixdaisyplz:
:bulletblue: Mario, the plumber =3 :iconssb4-mario:
:bulletblue: Luigi :meow: :iconssb4-luigi:
:bulletblue: All Nintendo princesses (Peach, Daisy , Rosalina, Zelda, Midna, etc.) :iconssb4-peach::iconprincessdaisyplz::iconssb4-rosalina::iconssb4-zelda::icontoonzeldaplz::iconmidnaplz:
:bulletblue: Bowser and Bowser Jr (they're also my fave! Awesome power!) :iconssb4-bowser::iconssb4-bowserjr:
:bulletblue: The Legend of Zelda (especially Breath of the Wild) :3 :iconssb4-link::iconssb4-toonlink::iconlinkxzeldaplz:
:bulletblue: Splatoon (not to the same extent as before, due to some harsh flaws the franchise has; I'm not actively looking for Splatoon GTS content right now, I'm on hiatus, maybe in a future, or maybe whien all of the 4 pop idlols become playable in the next Smash game) :iconcallieaquasisplz: :iconmarieaquasisplz:
:bulletblue: Kirby :iconssb4-kirby:
:bulletblue: Pokemon C: :iconssb4-pikachu:
:bulletblue: Metroid =3 :iconssb4-samus::iconssbu-zerosuitsamus:
:bulletblue: My Hero Academia :iconizukuplz:, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super (not to the same extent as Z), among other anime.
:bulletblue: Cuteness :meow:
:bulletblue: Comedy (like The Simpsons and Futurama) :iconhomerplz::iconfryplz:
:bulletblue: Epicness
:bulletblue: Drama (if well-executed, it can be also really Epic)
:bulletblue: Super Smash Bros :iconsmashbrossymbolplz:
:bulletblue: Platformer games (especially Mario) :3
:bulletblue: Final Fantasy and Square Enix (I also learn from Kingdom Hearts, but because we can't buy everything, we don't have it) :iconfinalfantasyplz:
:bulletblue: Undertale (soon I'll buy it and play it, but for now, I do like how Toby Fox made it)
:bulletblue: Overwatch (I haven't played it yet, because of PC's space), and Blizzard Entertainment :dummy:
:bulletblue: Rock and Roll, among them fast rhytm
:bulletblue: Creativity
:bulletblue: Generosity and honesty
:bulletblue: Mad Max films (we all lived with the franchise and the 4 films, and that positive feeling still lives; well, if only Mad Max were to heavily inspire people to radically decrease de CO2 emissions from 2019 onward)
:bulletblue: Film directors that do well-made films and keep up the amazing work (like "our "experts"J.J. Abrams", "Bryan Singer", "George Miller", "Christopher Nolan", Matt Reeves as examples :dummy:, if they aren't rushed by selfish meddling executives or by their own selfish motives that aren't humanitarian).
:bulletblue: Avatar: The Last Airbender :iconaang-plz::iconkatara-plz::iconsokkaplz:, Legend of Korra :iconkorra-plz::iconmako-plz::iconbolinplz:, and Spongebob :iconspongebobplz: (well, only the Season 1, 2, and 3 Spongebob episodes, nothing else)
:bulletblue: Adventure Time :iconfinnplz::iconjakethedogplz:, Regular Show :iconmordecaiplz::iconrigby-plz:, Steven Universe :iconstevenuniverseplz::icongarnet-plz::iconamethyst--plz::iconpearl--plz:, and The Amazing World of Gumball :icongumball-plz::icondarwin--plz:
:bulletblue: Gravity Falls :icondipperplz::iconmabel---plz::icongrunklestan-plz: (shame it ended, but Alex Hirsch did the right thing to end the series after Season 2 to avoid destroying the special things that made the show so freaking awesome, and also to prevent too much pressure)
:bulletblue: Star vs the Forces of Evil :iconstarbutterflyplz::iconmarcodiazplz: (I admit Star's cute expressions (either happy or comedic sad) are too entertaining :laughing:, and I hope Daron Nefcy herself becomes the showrunner for Season 3 to make it even better)

:bulletred: Getting bored (and as such, art block and the like)
:bulletred: Several terribly glitchy games (one reason as of why I won't ever have Playstation nor Xbox console, they're more expensive than Wii U, and although Playstation is better than Xbox, most of their third-party games are somewhat mediocre, and won't be ever good enough like GTA, and video games made on Nintendo HQs, that's it :icondealwithitplz:)
:bulletred: ALL Transformers films :iconoptimusplz::iconmichaelbayplz: that are PURELY made for fans rather than inspirate even more good stuff (I saw the first 3 movies, and they were really bad and mixed, only the 1st one was average because of Spielberg; you can't win with just special effects, it's useless without a near-perfect emotional plot, the 4th one was a bunch of junk because of trouble and arguing with the plot, script, lazy direction, etc., and the 5th only caused more indignation and controversy). For me, Michael Bay is a bad role model when it comes to make films, because they need a mandatory painstaking plot, otherwise, it's a waste of money and talent. :iconsadnod:
:bulletred: Bad or "mixed reviews" films (and that's why my mother is such an expert in films, she doesn't mind watching bad or excellent films)
:bulletred: Bad or "mixed reviews" videogames (they tell me I shouldn't pay attention to critics, I do agree, they aren't always accurate, but we don't have money for everything)
:bulletred: Controversial, overly realistic, and real-world geography First Person Shooters
:bulletred: Live action TV boring series (such as Icarly and Level Up)
:bulletred: Bad quality series in everything (like the Annoying Orange)
:bulletred: Powerpuff Girls 2016 Reboot (that was an offense to feminism and the original Powerpuff Girls, you're only making kids much dumber, like the decline Spongebob)
:bulletred: Teen Titans Go! (a fiasco that should have been made much darker and more mature in first place, you're only causing brain damage to these innocent kids :( )
:bulletred: Ben 10 2016 Reboot (it's useless to make it kid-friendly only, it's gonna be another failure because of lack of ambition; the idea is to also give it a much more mature feel, with more adult themes that makes it awesome for both kids and adults. I'd rather stay neutral, though.)
:bulletred: Uncle Grandpa (I wonder what failed from that show)
:bulletred: Spongebob episodes from seasons 4-8 :iconspongebobnormalplz: (they completely messed up with the special things it made Spongebob awesome), and possibly season 9. Only a really few episodes are good enough.
:bulletred: Slow-heavy Reggaeton >_<
:bulletred: Overused Electronica music D:
:bulletred: Trolls and spammers...
:bulletred: Mean and selfish people
:bulletred: Anti-Nintendo fans (I'm only referring those which go against the positive points of Nintendo rather than going against the negative ones Nintendo does)
:bulletred: Betrayal (seriously, it hurts like on Zelda Skyward Sword or Days of Ruin)
:bulletred: Disappointment
:bulletred: Isolation (I tend to be sometimes scared with dark)
:bulletred: Wasps :iconwasp-plz:
:bulletred: Sprite uncreative overuse (as the ones seen with most Sonic fancharacters) >.<
:bulletred: Not having Wi-fi to play on Wii U and 3DS
:bulletred: Overabuse from Smash Bros.
:bulletred: National problems that bug and hinder me >.<
:bulletred: Game Overs
:bulletred: Cheating

And my style is mostly similar with the fighting scenes from SMBZ (Super Mario Bros Z), except I don't use Sonic characters at all because I'm not familiar with that franchise, although I also apply all what I learned from The Legend of Zelda and Super Smash Bros.

:bulletgreen: Close friends from my country: :iconnapalnman1231::iconjetfire507:

:bulletblue: DA Brothers: :iconmalroonee::iconshnoogums5060::iconmewfan151::iconmarioblade64::iconthemoshi1378::iconmudkip777::iconjackurai::iconstarparty56::iconernietheartist::iconhashslash:

:bulletpink: DA Sisters: :iconsirenilily::iconcheersoup::iconkimeria87::iconbowser2queen::iconpeach-x-yoshi::iconvivi-bluefire::iconcooking-nana::iconkit-kath-9::iconyoshkins::iconfearmypiplup::iconlillilotus::iconmegadaisy1::iconfanny-cm::iconmightybiteysnake::iconpinkprincess1::iconkoopaboox::iconmume-mclean::iconakirahoshi-chan::iconsupertawaifaqueen::iconchiby-furry::iconfantasyharmony::iconkagi-tora::iconmeoshine::iconkookiestar22::iconjavibros132::iconritta-chan011::iconyeth06::iconxanxiousartistx::icong0thi-cr0c::iconhomupeachy::iconphantomlatte::icongentle-as-a-lily::iconroiality::iconpriincesstara::iconquiryuz:

:bulletpink: DA Stalker Fangirl: :iconzaza714:

:bulletyellow: People which I will be also visiting: :iconlighane::iconlisicat::iconisi-daddy:

Favorite artist: Everyone! =D
Current Residence: Panama (in Latin America)
Favourite genre of music: Videogame music, Classic Rock, and other rock types
Favourite style of art: Making Flash animations that has to do with Nintendo =3
Operating System: Windows 8.1 (I forgot to update that part last year =p )
MP3 player of choice: Windows Media Player
Shell of choice: Lazy Shell (from Super Mario RPG, I prefer to use it to attack enemies)
Wallpaper of choice: Super Mario 3D World, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, and Super Smash Bros Ultimate,
Personal Quote: No matter if I'm late, I refuse to give up!

Favourite Visual Artist
Everyone! =D
Favourite Movies
Harry Potter (all movies)
Favourite Games
Super Smash Bros Brawl, Mario Kart 7
Favourite Gaming Platform
Wii, Nintendo DS and 3DS
Tools of the Trade
MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop CS 1, Macromedia Flash 8, Swift 3D, Blender
Other Interests
Mario, Super Smash Bros (any of them), Metroid, Zelda, Pokémon, Kirby, Zatch Bell!, DBZ
It's a me, DekuDave! Happy belated Mar10 day!     I know, it's late, I don't have too much to say. ^^; I wanted to do a simple Mario GIF quickie, but I had to drop it out because of stupid and worrisome coronavirus outbreak news that arrived to my co...
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Forgot to mention this on dA as well (not just Twitter), given I'm busy, but anyway, SUPER duper belated, for you guys know, I want to give everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday my thanks! =D Anyway, I've also been watching a lot of pencilmations o...
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My bro and I already took a decision regarding Sword/Shield . We won't buy them until MUCH later, but only if we have the funds; if not, we'll skip them for not being good enough (after watching some vids). I like Pokémon, but it isn't one of my all-...
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Thank you for the fav (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

Thank you for the favorite on "Fire Mario"! Look forward to more cool artwork in the future! :la:

Fire Mario

Yeah, and hopefully you keep up doing good and/or even better/more exciting fanart. :nod:

Sup Dave, been a while. Last time I saw you, you were going by ZatchHunter with the LZ group. How's it been?

I've been fine, doing some GIFs for practice, but the GIFs I'm doing are meant to be in secret, because I want to do some commissions in a future

Hopefully everything is going well for you. :nod:

Hey man. You wished me a happy birthday like two and a half years ago. Just wanted to say thank you, lol. We'll see if I have the nerve to come back, ever.