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french linens 4

one of the guest rooms in the maison in provence.

all bedding, furniture coverings, pillows and curtains were custom made.

sept 2007 france
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Nope, prefer your room. :-)
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lol... i actually slept in this room one night (hub was snoring too loudly), and had a terrifying nightmare that the bed started banging its legs on the floor violently, then rose up in the air. an old woman with long grey hair in braids, wearing a flannel nightgown, then crawled out from under the covers next to me, and, giggling, jumped off the side of the bed as it was still in the air, and disappeared underneath. the bed then settled back on the floor, and i lay there, now wide awake, though paralysed with fear, trying to convince myself it was only a nightmare. but i kept thinking about how in horror movies, the audience always yells... "get out of there! what are you DOING staying in a haunted room, you moron?!?" so... i jumped up and ran out of the room. the next day when i walked past that room, i stuck my tongue out at it. hehe.
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LOLOLOLOL!! Hmm, sounds to vivid to be a dream, then again, maybe you've just watched too many horror movies. :giggle:
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i know, and i don't even believe in ghosts!

but gosh dang it was vivid, and i was neither aware of falling asleep (i'd been tossing and turning), nor of waking up. i'm sure it WAS just a dream, though... uh... maybe :D
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Ha ha. Glad it was you and not me. :giggle:
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hah... you just wait ;p
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