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TheTheological by Zastie

The Judges demo, which has been long un-updated, is finally starting to get some fresh coding added to it. This next update is going to be massive, and so this gigantic pause wasn't just me taking a break from The Judges demo, quite opposite in fact, as I've been drafting concepts for adding so much to this small demo. Currently the demo contains two real things of note: the encounter scenes with The Judges, and the help desk (which really isn't actual gameplay). There has been plans to include gameplay and meaningful decisions into The Judges demo for a while now, but it's such a daunting task to someone with time and low skills like mine that it hasn't had attempts at executing, instead it's only ever been excessive amounts of wishing and concepting. I'm happy to say however that, however slowly, moving forward with the demo has finally started in a practical way.

Desert2a by Zastie

As with there being four encounters with The Judges, there are going to be four new entire areas before each encounter. Unlike the encounters with The Judges, these won't just be simple one-room/image dialogue scenes - they are all much more expansive areas, with some planned to have selections of entirely different paths and a form of free-roam (if I can land the coding right). The four encounters with The Judges showed a little of the weird in terms of style, but these new places will delve into experimenting with styles and mixing even more. In addition, the beginning of recording some psychoanalysis will be included. There will be many, many points in which decision options will arise in these new experiences, and they all will be recorded and used. Overall this means more fun, more experimenting, more depth, but more confusing work. I have no current ETA when I'll be able to actually push this next massive update out, but I do have a few things of note I can say and a bit of structure I want to move forward with.

TheLongWalk (3.1. -) by Zastie

First off: the character has changed from being a human silhouette to being the silhouette of an artist's pose doll. Using the human silhouette (my own) was a bit too literal, as in a sense it made me the character people were playing through. I don't want that, as the character mostly serves as a blank slate for the player to interact in the game through. Hence why it is a pose doll. Second: the player's psyche won't be read much in the first push of this update. What I want to do is have the game record each decision made, display a form of these at the post-game screen, and then ask playtesters to input this alongside filling out some additional questions. This is so that I'm not really assuming things, and more that I can observe player's decisions vs. player's answers. After I feel like I've got a good amount, I can press onto adding those into the game itself. This also means there will likely be no change to the encounters with The Judges in any capacity with the first large update - instead The Judges will act towards you accordingly once sufficient data is compiled and I can confidently put it into their dialogue. Third: I'm not going to work on everything in chronological order. I'll be working on the first area first, then the fourth, then the third, then the second (or possibly second then third). This is basically in order of easiest to hardest. I am still somewhat undecided on the style choice for #3, #3 will require a lot more coding work, and #2 is going to sport three branching paths along with probably a ton of drawings. This seems kind of insignificant to you probably, but it also means I won't really have much to show y'all about the areas I have yet to approach until I actually reach them.

Avi1.6.sphere by Zastie

Finally closing notes: I was going to have a functioning Clairé bot on Discord to provide information and updates.. but they updated the coding and so Clairé completely broke. I was actually going to post Clairé's Discord ID# on this post so that smaller bits of info and little secrets could be inquired through her, but fate deemed it to be otherwise. It really makes me bitter, as I put a good amount of commands into it, both informative and just conversational that reflects Clairé's personality a bit more. Also I do want to make a better, more detailed, post about all this later, but I likely will not until I have finalized on all the area's styles and such. So, visually there's not as much to showcase, sadly (despite all this time). There's a crap-ton to work on, visual elements are just a part of it. I still have to work on sounds, "music," coming up with interesting choices, and lots and lots of dialogue. I'm trying to stretch my creativity with this whole update, I want to present something new and unique, but it's honestly pretty hard to do so with trying to have it remain serious while also TBH being pretty edgy and stuff. It's a challenge to not just have it be laughable content. Off the topic of the demo itself - I am in (hopefully) my last semester of college and still don't have a job, which is honestly depressing and scary. There aren't a lot of options given my idiocy and position, so yeah, something coming up might drastically change the amount of time I can put into this project. I've also been straying from the project from time-to-time to work on some other stuff, both for other stories and for things that are just non-serious and/or fanart fun. (Super-side side note: I've been on the Discord server Art Block for a little while now and it's a blessing and a blast, I highly recommend it if you're at any level of art (or not art even).)

So uh, yeah, kinda spur-the-moment update but I figured I would since I just started putting in the first template groundwork. And now it's basically 12:00AM when I have the bus and yoga in the morning - weeeeee


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AA in Digital Arts and Goodwill employee. I use FireAlpaca, I like dark tenebrism/body horror/cute stuff, and I'm highly experimental. I primarily focus on working on art for my project, S_EPTIC:

S_EPTIC is currently confined to one section of the game: The Judges. That part of the game is what I am working on at present - the demo is small with a larger update in the works. Information about the demo progress can be found in the journal widget above.

You can also chat with Clairé on Discord, who can provide you more information on S_EPTIC and The Judges demo, by clicking here: to PM, or here: to invite to your server! (Clairé's prefix is "c!")
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Been a bit more active on my adoptable and account recently (both are linked on my profile). Trying some new things out, and doing less massive/serious art. Also: still bless BTS. 🙏
This has nothing to do with my art but BTS + Halsey songgggGGGGGGGGGGG. 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀
4/6 again today. A whirlwind and important day to me, one to always remember.
Updated profile to give Discord invite link for Clairé bot - so you can just add to a server of yours to talk to Clairé instead. 👍
Clairé bot live now on Discord. It's for PM-only use, there's no real server for it. Link for it is on my profile bio. 


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