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we are all working through
our karmatic resolution
individually, collectively
as many, as one.
the only difference
between me and you is
the moon and the sun
some of us are shining
our karma; others are
reflecting it,
we are all getting it
one way or another
as mirrors in the
kaleidoscope of light
and death - light and
reflection, infinite
and eternal. spoken
and unspoken. there is
no place no matter what is
done where the karmatic
resolution doesn’t reason
to reach you no matter what you
have done, are doing or will do
karmatic resolution still
shines, still reflects in the
me and in the you as a testament
of Love of the one shining,
reflecting and connecting all
living life in the interdependent
web of life to an independent
search for truth individually
and collectively as one as egos
and as the ago of Love that
dares breath life into all
living creatures no matter
their place in their truth and
lies without judgement testifying
that karmatic resolution is
the final solution to all
that is, was and will be,
a zero zen solution of all
coming back and returning to
their own places of darkness
individually and collectively as
one; receiving each instruction
to make the individual whole
work towards that individual
collective enlightenment and
testifying there is no wrong,
nor darkness, nor songs song
which will separate you and me
from the source of this tree,
we are in this solidarity as
roots to the bodhidharma tree
individually, together all
serving the same resolution to
free ourselves from ourselves
individually and as one.
from the journal of the SOULCC (circle) on .
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