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In the beginning ending there was a Love, Atom -&- an Eveolution.

All were one.  God.

Knowing neither time -nor- space the three lived knowing nor light nor darkness.  They just were an infinite vibration.

They supposed their existence in non-existence. Simply, being, everything and nothing.  A dream that never woke having never slept.

There were no words which were spoken.   For they all perceived each others minds perceptions.  There was no need to share feelings.  For they all felt the same perfect harmony of innocent pure bliss.

In this state they wrote a story book with no ending nor beginning.  Just perpetual growth.

This condition, the Love Atom Eveolution existed not so much in our past, nor future, but as a present, waiting to be realized and opened.  

The gift given, when fully realized would awake that which never slept.  That which would merge all time lines, all stories into one, ZeroZen.

That all passions pressing forth may be realized and recognize the independent interdependent state from which we all come and are now.

That our God may be a Love Atom Eveolution Passion evolved to that which we are evolving to be our highest ideal:

The God of Mercy.

Jesus Christ.
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Submitted on
April 2