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Oh Divine Family of Eternal Love;
Christ and Christine that binds us to Eden through the Christos,

How many Christ must we cross,
Buddha must we burn,
Maya, we master,
Disaster to disaster,
Before we ask for Her safe return to Divinity?

All the philosophy philosophized
Edification edified or otherwise
and statuses stated as statues
have no meaning (as dreamers dreaming dream)
if we have not charity
for the one who birthed us
from the seeds of her womb
Mother Eden

They have taken here beauty
Placed it in despair
Telling us children are sinful
When we see their light near
They suppose us
Tomb to tomb,
Walk to walk,
Talk, talk, talk

There, a key
We, the lock
Still we steal
Burning electric fire from her sanctity
As a wire set to kill us all

Suicidal bombs five by two
Dropped on the youth
Smart phones
Don't know this truth

Crying "God save us all"
When we caused this fall
Fallen and falling
She is calling

Her voice, wind
Her fur, tree
Her disdain, this separation
From the nature nurtured

Be it known
You, I, We own nothing
Your body itself is on lease
From the grace of her locking embrace
With Father Heaven

And no technological welfare can transcend
The place from which we all began, begin, begun

We must rise to realize our lives beyond these screens

We are at the cusp of a revolving revolution
From the pyramid to the sky
But if we deny that from which we came
Will we not continue to repeat the same?

I imagine the children's imagination
Where we are free from these bonds of illusion
Drawn to the true nature beyond these institutions

And Babylon, Rome, United States fall!
For your moral compasses are for the fat of your own
This world, I cannot, I will not condone

For if one of us enslaved,
None are free
No matter how many Declarations declared
If you have not charity for all
It matters not
And I look forward, the fall, the fall, the fall

And all the hungry,
Without shelter weep,
When there is rotting food, empty spaces
Within the pyramids top
Set to drop down to their knees
As trees crashing down
Does your weeping rich men, make a sound?

Deliver us Mother, Father, Son as one
Even as it was in the begin
So shall it end -

Eveolution Love Atom.

In the name of Divine Love for one and all,


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March 29
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