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the Eye -of- God
Many a young and old men wandered
Lost to be found, sondered an asunder and wondered
"Where does it end?"
"Where does it begin?"
Cast the questions to the sea of stars
Is there hope, acceptance in each all these scars?
Shattered, broken, mirrors of fears imagination
Even strong men, tears
To which the strongest beers cannot drown
Down, down, down -
To those depths that which despair
Hides all that rusts
When it has all become a broken trust
Between the I and the God, Love
Once judged, twice testified (Old and New)
Three times denied
The men cross the cross, hope to die
Pleading, believing,
That surely, oh, so ever, surely
This heart isn't sanctified.
This heart isn't sanctified!
This heart - this heart - this -
Crucified, trial and tried
Valley, shadow, depth known
Among the liars lie the life that gives live life live
That gives live life live
That gives live life live
Truth, sun, Son
Rising, rising, reflection
Rise, rise, risen
From that tomb to womb
Yahweh - how - why?
Gods Love ope
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The Love Atom Eveolution Book ( Link Below) by ZASONDER The Love Atom Eveolution Book ( Link Below) :iconzasonder:ZASONDER 0 0
Seasons within the Year
Mother Earth,
Your seasons are being shown:  
1- Family (Root)  Sa-Lam
2- Love (Sacral)  Ta-Vam
3- Light (Solar Plexus) Na-Ram
4- Portal (Heart) Ma-Yam
5- Truth (Voice) Sat-Ham
6- Vision (3rd Eye) Cit-Om
7- Bliss (Crown) Ah'Ha
8- Gather (Infinity) ʘ
9- Babylon (World) ʘ
ʘ- ZeroZen (Love Atom) ʘ
May we grow to be the single Love Atom.
in Love's name amen, omen.
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of Light by ZASONDER of Light :iconzasonder:ZASONDER 0 0 'Ohana by ZASONDER 'Ohana :iconzasonder:ZASONDER 0 0
the Love Atom Eveolution Passion
In the beginning ending there was a Love, Atom -&- an Eveolution.
All were one.  God.
Knowing neither time -nor- space the three lived knowing nor light nor darkness.  They just were an infinite vibration.
They supposed their existence in non-existence. Simply, being, everything and nothing.  A dream that never woke having never slept.
There were no words which were spoken.   For they all perceived each others minds perceptions.  There was no need to share feelings.  For they all felt the same perfect harmony of innocent pure bliss.
In this state they wrote a story book with no ending nor beginning.  Just perpetual growth.
This condition, the Love Atom Eveolution existed not so much in our past, nor future, but as a present, waiting to be realized and opened.  
The gift given, when fully realized would awake that which never slept.  That which would merge all time lines, all stories into one, ZeroZen.
That all passions pressing forth may be
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A Prayer for Mother Eden (Eveolution Love Atom)
Oh Divine Family of Eternal Love;
Christ and Christine that binds us to Eden through the Christos,
How many Christ must we cross,
Buddha must we burn,
Maya, we master,
Disaster to disaster,
Before we ask for Her safe return to Divinity?
All the philosophy philosophized
Edification edified or otherwise
and statuses stated as statues
have no meaning (as dreamers dreaming dream)
if we have not charity
for the one who birthed us
from the seeds of her womb
Mother Eden
They have taken here beauty
Placed it in despair
Telling us children are sinful
When we see their light near
They suppose us
Tomb to tomb,
Walk to walk,
Talk, talk, talk
There, a key
We, the lock
Still we steal
Burning electric fire from her sanctity
As a wire set to kill us all
Suicidal bombs five by two
Dropped on the youth
Smart phones
Don't know this truth
Crying "God save us all"
When we caused this fall
Fallen and falling
She is calling
Her voice, wind
Her fur, tree
Her disdain, this separation
From the nature nurtu
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ZeroZen Portal by ZASONDER ZeroZen Portal :iconzasonder:ZASONDER 0 0 YPO : Valley of the Kings by ZASONDER YPO : Valley of the Kings :iconzasonder:ZASONDER 3 0 Psalm 23 by ZASONDER Psalm 23 :iconzasonder:ZASONDER 3 1 Sa-Lam by ZASONDER Sa-Lam :iconzasonder:ZASONDER 0 0
blessed cursing in the rear-view mirror in passing
Mother Eden, past;
Buddha Moon, presence
Christ Sun, present
Father Celestial, future,
Infinite Infant, born:
these, they,
on this nights , day
as a star sun reflection.
Do You, noble on, birthed and bourn, know your place
in the wisdom of the wake of Spirit Sea
Search your lines, lives, as wrinkles in times come, passion.
For the days of fasting have slown the pace the pace to trace these lines.
Disconnected and out of service.
Will You curse us or bless us when you connect again for the first time?
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MaYam Yaweh
MaYam Yaweh
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lamb
MaYam Yaweh
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lamb
MaYam Yaweh
Holy, Holy, Holy,
Bless this land
‘Āina spoken here
Growing roots
Truth of life
MaYam Yaweh
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lamb
MaYam Yaweh
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lamb
MaYam Yaweh
Holy, Holy, Holy,
Bless this land
‘Āina spoken here
Growing roots
Truth of life
MaYam Yaweh
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lamb
MaYam Yaweh
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lamb
MaYam Yaweh
Holy, Holy, Holy,
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Hawai'i is my Hale
The children still weep,
shadows speak
of closets crypt,
The lies of dramatic lives
learned of worldly worded ways
Fog drawn tears
fears in a bottles'
secrets kept
another Lover
mother, father, brother and
scissored out sister
cut off from all that remains
Break this, our daily bread.
Drink this, our blood wine.
Sacrificial self to gain the worlds gain
at the cost of the souls refrain.
Song, sung,
Cursed earth, barren broken body,
how much that was taught me
was a noose taut around me, my
How much wisdom given is simply a device
to take away that, my
Temper thy passion, though the fires may be ignite,
This is where stumble the shadows speak
Where I alone have become to weak,
...and the meek shall inherit the
Birth to a place, space
cast where no coins will drop
land shown, food
By the toils of our weapons beaten plow in share,
The strength of God's arm, sweat brow in
the Living Heart pulses another self realizati
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h'a, H'I hello. by ZASONDER h'a, H'I hello. :iconzasonder:ZASONDER 1 0
[ 0 ] Zero. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. [ 1 ] One seed. One need. Blood bleed. Child cry. Elder die. Lullaby, lullaby, lullaby. [ 2 ] Two beings. Human dreamings. Blessed chance. To hold. Be held. Behold. Dance. Romance. Romance. Romance. [ 3 ] Three flames. Burning names. Ash spent. Wednesday lent. Valley, death. Secrets crept. I wept. You wept. We wept. [ 4 ] For Love. Peace, dove. Christos heart. End, start. Sing song. maYam. maYam. maYam. [ 5 ] Fifth, first. Voice, verse. Truth, name. Proclaim, proclaim. I am that I am, I am that I am, I am that I am. [ 6 ] Six i,x. Maya context. Hue, me? Hue, you? Prism, prison. Projector, risen. Spirit, cataclysm. Fruits, vine. Eternal, time. Divine, Divine, Divine. [ 7 ] Seventh Heaven. Seven, Seven, Seven. Twenty-on times. Three lines. One bliss. Hug, kiss. Awareness, awareness, awareness. [ 8 ] Infinite eighth. Mary sayeth. Jah maketh. Windows, perception. Doors, protection. Housed, connection. Arrowection, arrowection, arrowection. [ 9 ] Nine lines. Three times. Saturn chimes. Saturnight. Inner light. Flight or fight? Fight! Fight! Fight! [ ʘ ] Zen. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. The beginings-end. The Zero. The Zen. |Z|E|R|ʘ|Z|E|N|.
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“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn.” 

Being a student of love life takes all of me.

I'm only afforded my well being in a state of meditative prayer.

Last night:  Sleep deprivation and worn body deem it necessary to rest to be able to exist in a functional measure in this world.  Details are short, rain, cold and away from that place home.  Yet, cared. 

In all this, I have been delivered in the Love of God.  In every condition, in every state, I am delivered.  I go now soon to rest in the nearby woods, seeking to reset.

Especially in all this struggle for sleep, comfort, Meek Life Ministry of Jesus Christ is still in my hearts desire.  For the world we have should provide better for the needs of the impoverished and I feel that God has gifted me the tools to help this.

When we help the least, it helps the most.  We all rise together.

I have projected Portland, Oregon for June, the Spirit of God willing to work on this ministry.
I know I will get the answer if that is to be in full, in May.

There have been some other confirmed answers in this journey.  What I need to let go of, hold onto.  It's difficult to tell people what is essential to them isn't essential to me.   It seems we are so bound by the technology, comforts of the world around us.   My journey, my testament, my own. 

So I will just say this - it all belongs to God. 
All of it. 

I will give it all and receive, gladly receive that which is given back in full.

Breath in, breath out.



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