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Destroyed City

By Zasalamell
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This is my first concept art using Corel Painter (which I must say that this program rocks!) I did this in about 6 hours so it still looks rather unfinished and messy. I will be doing more concept art later on, and I will definately spend more time on them. Hope you like.
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Could I use this for a limited edition book cover?
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would it be possible to use one of your awsesome pictures for cd cover if so how would I go about that?
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Man, can I use this for a poster please?
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hey can I use this as a background for a movie poster im making? i need a destroyed city in the background and I cant draw one myself :(
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I think the "messy" look makes it look more destroyed! Wonderful work!
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very nice, very very nice
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Wow this is trully amazing for an "unfinished" piece :) gr8 work.
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wow O_O
it's awesome. i really love the messy look
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It sounds as if you want me to rip it to shreds. Honestly man that's not really much. One thing that baffles me a bit is the fact that all these buildings were destroyed and it looks desolate, and yet all the street lights seem to be intact. and i'd say change the color of the sunset it looks too green, but if that's what you were going for hey great! that's really it.
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You disappoint me....I thought you would have torn it apart. Maybe it's just me, it's my first concept art so....a little nervous.
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dude i'm not a dictator, besides my knowledge is let's face it below par, plus the fact that it's concept, i mean it's not like it's supposed to be decked out and pretty....yet.
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Okay.....I guess your right....::sniff::
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lovely :)

Great concept art! Reminds me of the old C&C arts ;) That´s long time ago - what doesn´t mean its bad! Its great :)
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Thank you very much for the compliment.
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Coolness! ^_^
*favs* I saw you making this one! lol
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Is there anything wrong with it?
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Not that I can see...
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I like the messy look :)

But could you give us a bigger ver. ?
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Oh, thank you. I just changed the size so you can see the detail better.
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