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Wilde Sorcery by zarpaulus Wilde Sorcery :iconzarpaulus:zarpaulus 6 3 Tales of the Para-Imperium by zarpaulus
Mature content
Tales of the Para-Imperium :iconzarpaulus:zarpaulus 2 0
41st Century Cyberpunk by zarpaulus 41st Century Cyberpunk :iconzarpaulus:zarpaulus 9 3
Mature content
History of the Kitsune :iconzarpaulus:zarpaulus 1 0
Mature content
Rise of the Zootopian Star Republic Ch. 3 :iconzarpaulus:zarpaulus 1 0
Parahumans in GURPS
General History: Parahumans were developed by a consortium of asteroid mining corporations to solve the legal labor shortage they faced in the depths of space. They were given cosmetic genetic modifications to make it seem obvious they weren’t human, looking like a variety of different animal species, increased hemoglobin and myoglobin, connective tissues reinforced against decompression, and the ability to enter torpor. However, they still received support from human activists when they rebelled against their corporate overlords and obtained freedom in the Asteroid Belt. Later expanding out into the galaxy and forming the Federation of Parahuman Species (aka the Para-Imperium).
Baseline Parahuman template (26 points):
Advantages: Acute Senses /2 (choose any one sense, or split levels between two senses) [4], Doesn’t Breathe (Oxygen Storage, x25 -50%) [10], Metabolism Control (Hibernation, deprived of oxygen -60%) /8 [16], Vacuum Support [5].
Perks: Fur [1]
Disadvantages: I
:iconzarpaulus:zarpaulus 3 2
Mad Scientist Me by zarpaulus Mad Scientist Me :iconzarpaulus:zarpaulus 7 3
Para-Imperium rules for FATE Core
Author’s Note: I’ve attempted to run RPG campaigns in the Para-Imperium universe multiple times using multiple systems. As Evil Hat’s Fate Core(™) system has a Creative Commons license that allows producing paid content for their rules, I have chosen to insert a brief set of rules for roleplaying in the PI ‘verse here.
Number of Aspects: High Concept, Trouble, Species, Culture, 1 “freestyle”
Skill Pyramid:
Skill Cap: 5 (unaugmented)
Refresh: 5
Number of Initial Stunts: At least one
Stress Types: Physical, Mental, Wealth.
Skill List: Athletics, Bureaucracy, Brawl, Contacts, Deceive, Design, Empathy, Investigate, Notice, Physique, Programming, Provoke, Rapport, Resources, Shoot, Stealth, Trivia, Will
(?)Extras Budget: 1 Aspect, 2 Stunts
Parahumans: Due to centuries of interbreeding parahuman characters can take additional species aspects from their freestyle aspects, from any species.
Canine sample aspects:
Determined: Your genome
:iconzarpaulus:zarpaulus 1 1
Cyber-zarpaulus by zarpaulus Cyber-zarpaulus :iconzarpaulus:zarpaulus 4 1 Cal'pso In the Forest by zarpaulus Cal'pso In the Forest :iconzarpaulus:zarpaulus 9 0
Rise of the Zootopian Star Republic Ch. 2
Stardate 15.2.2200, ZNV Corvette Chimera, Zol Station
Captain Judy Hopps of the newly established Zootopian Navy fidgeted with the epaulets on her newly fitted dress uniform as the lift ascended to her new command. She knew that she had developed quite the reputation over the years as the bunny who saved Zootopia, and couldn’t bear to disappoint her new crew. After what seemed like an eternity the doors opened and she crossed over the docking tube onto the ship’s main deck.
The interior of the corvette looked cramped, and not just because seemingly the entire crew had gathered in there. The entrance was tall enough for a rhino to enter but the largest member of the crew was a tiger, and the majority of them appeared to be small species such as rodents and weasels. Off to the sides Judy could see passages and tunnels designed for smaller mammals and walkways at shoulder height for the larger species present, it seemed like the ship’s designers had intended the craft fo
:iconzarpaulus:zarpaulus 1 0
Mature content
Horror Workshop Flashfics :iconzarpaulus:zarpaulus 1 0
A New Matriarch, by RaccoonPioneer by zarpaulus
Mature content
A New Matriarch, by RaccoonPioneer :iconzarpaulus:zarpaulus 0 0
Argentum sketch sheet by zarpaulus Argentum sketch sheet :iconzarpaulus:zarpaulus 9 0 Amazon Warrior by zarpaulus Amazon Warrior :iconzarpaulus:zarpaulus 1 0 Asteroid Rain by Fox-Jake by zarpaulus Asteroid Rain by Fox-Jake :iconzarpaulus:zarpaulus 1 0


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Don't ask
United States
So, I'll definitely be representing Thurston Howl Publications at Aquatifur this weekend, Jan 11th-13th, right across from the con store too.

The hours for the den are
Friday 1pm-7pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
and Sunday 11pm-4pm

I've got my novel, The Pride of Parahumans, ' :iconmjengels: Always Gray in Winter, and Bill Kieffer's Goat and Cold Blood.

As well as a printout of the house's Storenvy page that I'm calling a "catalog" from which I'll take orders.


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