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My take on an older version of Sokka ❄️ I tried to make him a little bit cooler than the show normally portrays him 😄 Which avatar character would you like to see me do next?

My dear patrons will get:

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Mako by Zarory  Zuko by Zarory  Moonlight Katara by Zarory  Avatar Korra by Zarory  Toph Beifong by Zarory  Katara - Avatar by Zarory 

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TheDarkestKnight1939's avatar

Captain Boomarang himself^^ Insanely awesome work!

SpiltFrappeTheGreat's avatar

i feel like momo should be in this photo but besides that great work

darth-revan808's avatar

Boomerang! You do always come back!

This is awesome! Great drawing!

TheStrangeone14's avatar

my boy sokka have grown! but guys. sokka is hot regardless because in the legend of korra u can see flashbacks and pictures. sokka is hot looking to begin wiith

would you like to speak with a priest

Kiwi-R's avatar

So so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so H A N D S O M E

DNAArtist07's avatar
Awesome! Very Detailed catching love 

who knew sokka could be this sexy

sarahjim798821's avatar
Wow. He's such a babe! Love 
sarahjim798821's avatar

If Ty Lee crushed on him as a teen, imagine if she saw him as an adult.

suyuku-san's avatar
I know you may have already gotten this, but I think it'd be cool to see an adult Zuko, May, or Azula :la:
AA-art23's avatar
9/10, needs more cactus juice.

... :P jk. Digging the Avatar pieces!
colin6969's avatar
A fine piece ! :)
armandsteven's avatar
now I understand why he had so many girls after him!!
WarriorNGoddess's avatar
There is not enough Sokka love!
Cloverpumpkin's avatar
Sokka is hot! Amzing art XD 
Zarory's avatar
Thank you! <3
NickColbe's avatar
The moonlight, falling snow and color create a cold atmosphere, but his beauty warms the scene. His face is pretty and the dominant blue of the sky and his clothes is the same in his fantastic eyes. I like the white applications on his outfit. An impressive work.
Zarory's avatar
Aww, thank you! <3
Lee-Coffee's avatar
This shocked me you made Sokka look like a complete meal 👏 I love the perspective and the chilly atmosphere in this!
Zarory's avatar
Thank you! <3
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