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Beach Day Korra and Asami

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Sorry for the wait! 😅 Went through quite a few background options, but ended up drawing some inspiration from the Moana movie :) I’ve got one final summer piece in the works to finish things off, so stay tuned!

My dear patrons will get:

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Beach Day Katara by Zarory  Beach Day Zuko by Zarory  Beach Day Sokka and Suki by Zarory  Beach Day Ty Lee by Zarory  Bolin by Zarory 

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Marvelous drawing of the happy couple. Life is good.

Beautiful drawing :)

Jrydland's avatar

the quality is astounding 🤝

charreddragonchi's avatar
Brandee-Ssj-Doll's avatar

Great job. Keep up the good work. :thumbsup:

tipharts's avatar

great drawing continue like this! 👍

xechon's avatar

Is that Mako on the left side there realizing how badly he screwed up with both of them? :)

Jaxxxer's avatar

Great job on their expressions. Love the details and colouring of the water as well!

RF-Switch's avatar

And you know it's serious because no one is spiking a ball.

Bleizez-ERB's avatar

this is simply amazing, idk, it has so much "epic badass" vibe

and kasumi is super pretty (korra too tho)

NamiaCimora's avatar

love their style! Nice one! :heart:

ShaowArts's avatar

Looks incredible

HolyMolyManiac's avatar

Tmw you want to impress your Girlfriend so much, you become Moses. lol

This looks fantastic.

BartGT5's avatar

They look super gorgeous! ❤️🔥

Can you make Beach Day Azula?

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