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Monster Girl Commissions 10% Off* Through 10/14/17

Hey, y'all!  I'm leaving Saturday's Sketch Stream offer on the table for the rest of the week!  If you've got a monster girl you want art of (or even just an OC you'd like to see monster'd up), you'll get 10% off the normal asking price!  If you're curious how that stacks up, you can check out the typical costs on the present price list.  The discount covers the whole thing and then some - NSFW and the like still gets the full discount, and it even applies towards backgrounds and the like!

As an added bonus, bills are garbage this month, so every contribution towards Kaz and I's financial stability can be made knowing that we'll almost definitely make audible squeals of joyous relief upon seeing it in the account.  Alternatively, if that weirds you out, you can pretend that's not happening (but it probably still is).

There's some fine print down below our girl Nyx.  Don't worry, she only bites when asked.
Stash Demon 2 by Zaron
*Payments to be made via Paypal (no Points, sorry).  Existing visual character reference required for discount to be applied.  10% is taken out of final price, ie. after NSFW rates are applied.  Hooray!  Discount doesn't apply to more out-there things where I have to pull a price out of the ether, because I'm already making that junk up as it is.  I'm looking at you, comic pages and the oddly growing crap doodle market.
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October 10, 2017
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