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WeekendSaleBanner by Zaron
It's that time of year again - the day where poultry-engorged Americans line up to feed the capitalist machine and trample a grandma or two in pursuit of sweet deals.  Well, I'm here to break tradition a tad and offer you lot some price gouging that doesn't require you to scissor kick products out of an overworked single mom's arms or spend six hours waiting in the cold to get first dibs.  We're breaking the mold, folks!

From now through Monday, these slick grabs are ripe for the taking!

Pin-Up Special 20% off!

(Standard Pin-Ups: $40 | NSFW: $60)
(Multi-character & variant rates available!)
Flutterbat Returns by Zaron

Mature Content

Ripple by Zaron
Faun Mechanic by Zaron

Headshots & Icons - Bulk Deals!

Two for $40, Four for $75! (Normally $25 ea.)
(And yes, pairs can be those cute couple avatars I see all over the place!)
[SS] Piggu by Zaron Willow Wispy Ava by Zaron Don't Bug Me (Avatar Ver.) by Zaron

Standard Sketches - Buy One, Get One Half Off!

(Standard full body sketches: $10 | Bust sketches: $5)
[RAFFLE] Gina by Zaron [RAFFLE] Sadie by Zaron [SS] ZOOM ZOOM by Zaron

Everything Else 5% Off!

(Standard rates: Commission Prices [Summer 2017] | Quotes available upon request)
Marina by Zaron Sunset by Zaron Moon Phase by Zaron

The Dirty Details:
All prices are USD.  Sale cutoff is 12AM PST Tuesday the 28th; notes with specific requests must be received by cutoff to be eligible for sale rates.  NSFW & Explicit rates available when applicable.  Visual references strongly encouraged; there may be additional fees when working from written character descriptions, as well as for notably complicated characters.  Commissioned work that isn't suitable for DeviantART will not be posted to artist's DeviantART.  Artist clearly specializes in Furry Anime Bullshit (with a side of pastel equines), but can take on other things if you're into that kind of gambling.  Prices do not include revision fees.
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Submitted on
November 24, 2017