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Lonely Hooves 4-10

Winter gloom is setting in outside, time to fill the comic with ponk to offset the utter lack of color and light.

There was a strong temptation to make her expressions more wild on this one as well, but considering the subject matter that felt... inappropriate. That middle panel is pure sugar-tier sweet tho.

Kazziepones - inks, colors  |  Zaron - writing, pencils
Lonely Hooves is a fan work. MLP © Hasbro


Lonely Hooves 4-09 by Zaron

Lonely Hooves 4-11 by Zaron
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"this is you leveled out?!"

oh if only you knew 😅😅

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I think Pinkie has been advising Zecora potions, she fits for the job.

From the things I've seen Pinkie do, it looks to me like the potion is reining in the depressive side of the cycle more than the manic one.

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...methinks the placebo effect is working some wonders here... and that potion might just be fruit juice. X3

..... You might be on to something.

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So the Universe shall thanks Zecora for put a little control to Pinkie.

In a serious note it's a great approach you are making on this subject. ( I don't like much all cupcakes theory and saw her more as a type of Maniac-depressive)

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So they gave her medicine for depression huh?

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I am eternally hesitant to assign specific conditions to most of the cast (settling on Ed's depression came only after a lot of reflection and consultation regarding his displayed and intended symptoms), but I'll point out that manic states come in more than one flavor, both highs and lows, good and bad, and tend to feed each other (a manic high can lead to a sort of burnout-driven low, for example).

Pinkie's emotions tend to run at an 11, so this felt like an appropriate way to address both her more maybe-too-high-energy moments as well as her infamous lows while staying within the story's themes.

If nothing else, I think it's stronger and kinder than the fandom-favorite "secret basement axe murderer" theory.

I still stand on Twilight being on the Spectrum, but that might be personal bias.

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I never liked that theory, it's not her, even with pinkamina moments.

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It's some lame trope or other, I'm sure. "The happy ones always have a dark side, right?" "Corrupting innocent things into violent things is funny!" That sort of thinking. It's boring, imo, unless it's done extremely well, whereas Cupcakes seems to exist just for shock factor and not a lick else.

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It makes a lot more sense to assume that she has no dark side but is actually on a semi-permanent sugar rush.

Sounds like a type of paranoia, I should know I suffer from it too. It seems she's afraid of abandonment and is guarded against it. I fear intruders and am guarded against it. Yeah, it's not fun.

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That was good, it explains so much there, very interesting idea with Pinkie there.

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So, Zecora unknowingly prevented the whole Cupcake saga.

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I would move heaven and earth to prevent Cupcakes.

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Pinkamina is still in there

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That explains a lot.

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Her face in the middle panel tho

Its so precious ;w;

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"They" came up with the potion? Did you mean that "she" (Zecora) came up with the potion?

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I read that as Twilight, Rainbow and co gave their testimony on how Pinkie was acting, and Zecora then whipped up the potion based on her deductions from their information. So while Zecora did most of the manual labor, the others still helped out.

I guess pinkie's drop is a placebo

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