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Lonely Hooves 4-05

Don't undersell yourself, Sweetie Belle. You might be surprised.

Kazziepones - inks, colors  |  Zaron - writing, pencils
Lonely Hooves is a fan work. MLP © Hasbro


Lonely Hooves 4-4 by Zaron

Lonely Hooves 4-6 by Zaron
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Discord: *Takes pot shots at Celestia's teaching methods*

Twilight: *Takes a grazing wound, and begins firing back. With a precision sniper rifle*

I would have commented sooner, but I mostly read this on Tumblr. You know, the one place this comic doesn't have a comment section. :crash:

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Fun fact: It used to! It also used to have page navigation. Some update came along at some point and ate both. I got mad enough about it that I've made a website that's been secretly lurking in "chapter 1 is here and nothing else" beta for most of a year now.

Tumblr has replies but I don't entirely understand the things?? I try to keep up with them though. I don't know if Kaz ever sees those, you kinda gotta dig for 'em.

Bonus fun fact: It's not just Celestia's methods he's digging at.

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bottom of the class hehe😏

The fledglings will never be able to fly on their own if you never take off the training . . . wings.

Yes, that must be it; other tools wouldn't make any sense. You've got to take the training wings off at some point.

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With Trixie as teacher with Twilight not looking....what can go wrong? XD

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damnd i catched up... Benchread every page...




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We crank 'em out about weekly! (Give or take real life getting in the way. Sometimes it's less. Sometimes it's more!)

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I dont want to push to hard ^^ jusz love the comic so far ^^

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Wow, Sweetie seems to be suffering from an extremely low case of self-esteem there.

Something that, mayhap, a certain grey stallion can relate to sometime in the future?

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Love Discord friendly hint to Celestia/Twilight teachings method

Loves twilight answers

Even more Sweetie's reaction.

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Pretty sure Sweetie already knows who you are, Trixie. You're not exactly subtle about it, y'know. ;)

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Fledging? Is that supposed to be fledgling?

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Trixie Returns You can call me "TRixie senpai".

Sanluris's avatar

“See you on the train. Swag!”

gmodfan88's avatar

I love vinyl’s face there in the first pane XD

pj202718's avatar

It gets worse.....most ponies see them as being interchangeable.....

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That was cute and funny.

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Someone's fangirl is showing. And I love it to bits <3

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Don't worry, Sweetie Belle, I'm pretty sure you're actually top of the class now.

RoyCalbeck's avatar seems that last panel could be rephrased just a wee bit differently. Or I've been watching too many brony YouTube videos.

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So....who shouts "HEY! PHRASING!!!" at her?

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