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Lonely Hooves 3-117

And with that, all the key players are (finally!) on the board, Chapter 3 is over, and with it the first act.

The mysteries of Ed's past and identity are solved, but the reason for his arrival in Equestria remains unclear, as do the motives of the Osiris and their minions!

Where do we go from here? That's a surprise, but with these equines' luck it'll be quite the trip! ;)

Kazziepones - inks, colors  |  Zaron - writing, pencils
Lonely Hooves is a fan work. MLP © Hasbro


Lonely Hooves 3-116 by Zaron

Lonely Hooves Chapter 4 Cover A by Zaron
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PhantomTheChangeling's avatar

Only upon rereading this did I even notice the shadowy form in the background in that tree.

Time to speculate on who the buck thinks this is all a game >:C

TrancePony's avatar

Great story keep it up, can't wait to see how it goes on.

wesieboy56's avatar

definitely on board with the group hug idea, sometimes thats all you need

cmilonez's avatar

Ohh, now's a game huh? Well then....

Sanluris's avatar

Ahh, yes, Hug Time, of course. They need to make watches to remind them for later.

I just realized that a character is gray in that movie and later turns blue. Well, not just realized. But it feels different now that I have read this story up to this point.

Now we’ll see Edward’s true colors shining through, we see his true colors, and that’s why we love him. So don’t be afraid to let them show, your true colors are beautiful like a rainbow.

Shredder1004's avatar

Inner thoughts: Play Dumb.

Ditzy: ”Hu-wha!?”

Inner thoughts: NOT THAT DUMB?

Pony4Koma's avatar

Group Hug!

Nah... Just kidding... All Out War!

samuraivalerie's avatar

Just kiss already!

ColtKit's avatar

Someone else screams "Blasphemy" when someone says something they vaguely disagree with!!!

You say that like there are people who don't do that.

Nobody I would ever choose to associate with, that's for sure.

jimmyhook19202122's avatar

So how long has it been since Chapter 3 began? ^^'

Zaron's avatar

Aug 1, 2018.

Thanks for the existential dread lmao

jimmyhook19202122's avatar


You're welcome. ^^

RogerioGuimaraes's avatar

Group Hug for everycreature!

Group hugs forever!!!

Pum6kin's avatar
Quite a long chapter, eh? But no matter, I can't wait to see where would Edward Graves and his new friends go from here. Also, who was that creature lurking in the shadows?
AnimeVeteran's avatar

This was a great chapter! Can't wait to see where it goes from here. ^^

pj202718's avatar

Chapter 4 promises to be equally weird and scary and cool and fun.

DragonGirlMesilune's avatar
You know what? I'm starting to think Muse is a changeling!
tigreanpony's avatar

That was great, I like how you portray Vinyl here.

Jatheus's avatar

I agree that we shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss having three girls and maybe a discord hanging off a fellow ti cheer him up. At least we should give it a try, yes? :D

VulpesRex's avatar

Well! Vinyl's solution is not what I had expected; but under the circumstances, it does change the outlook enough to be bearable!

"...Who could even BE upset with three girls AND a Discord hanging on to them?" In _this_ context, she is (mostly) right, three girls hanging on to ME would probably cheer me up in almost any situation.

Less so, if they happened to be three ex-wives, each of whom had filed in court for payment of back-alimony...


Panel 5, though...what IS that black silhouette in the tree? Looks vaguely...reptilian. Is this the creature musing aloud in panel 6?

Zaron's avatar

They're one and the same, yes! She's something of a mystery right now, but there's already a couple clues in place to help the theory-minded piece some things together. ;)

aviv1999's avatar

Really interested to know how the story's ganna continue now that chapter 3's finished! ouo

Btw, i really like this comic because you gave so much personality to each character!

And all the little details that are here and there ^^

For example highlight certain words to give them more attention, or background sounds have colored words :o

And especially the diverse facial expressions! >:3

I wish you a lot of inspiration and free time to work on Chapter 4 and beyond! <3

And that you'd have a wonderful day! :D

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