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Lonely Hooves 3-113

The Everfree Forest is full of strange and wonderful creatures!

Kazziepones - inks, colors  |  Zaron - writing, pencils
Lonely Hooves is a fan work. MLP © Hasbro


Lonely Hooves 3-112 by Zaron

Lonely Hooves 3-114 by Zaron
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© 2021 Zaron
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"Are we COMMON?" XD

Pony4Koma's avatar

DOCTOR, you womanising son of a *****!!!

cmilonez's avatar


Discord sure can give a good scare right in the time.

No, I can assure you that each of you interdimensional guys is thoroughly uncommon trouble in an entirely unique way.

kerokogeorashi's avatar

Ack! That little mane brush is lethal levels of adorable!

Zaron's avatar

I'mma slay you all with equine-invoked die-uh-beetus

welp, the interdimensional one has arrived

RogerioGuimaraes's avatar

So we can now talk about Doctor Hooves?

Also Discord in full shipping mode.

jimmyhook19202122's avatar
Epic-Prose's avatar

And Discord for the "Oh, you were about to kiss? Well, don't mind me!"

Zaron's avatar

He certainly does seem to have a pattern going in that regard.

PhoenixFlambe's avatar
And there's the omnipotent guy.
Neoky28's avatar

Of course, cue Discord.

Dearing's avatar

Speak of an interdimensional guy, and one shall appear XD

AnimeVeteran's avatar

And with that, a certain time-traveling horse with two hearts felt at least one of them skip a beat. ^^

Derpy's way too cute for her own good, dangit.

Zaron's avatar

His heart may skip a beat, but his blood's probably running a bit cold.

Lonely Hooves 3-40
Scyphi's avatar

You know, all things considered, I'm sort of surprised Discord didn't choose to get involved sooner. I mean, you can't tell me this all hasn't been plenty chaotic up until now.

Zaron's avatar

But if Discord's always around, how will people be able to right Fluttercord fics set in my timeline?? This is (clearly) extremely important!

Zaron's avatar

[nearly a week later] WRITE! I meant WRITE!

I am an author.

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gud grammer

head empty only buggo

Darigaaz-the-Igniter's avatar

"The Everfree is full of strange and wonderful creatures" and also Discord

Zaron's avatar

"Especially Discord!"



Discord (excuse me) plz

pj202718's avatar

Given recent developments on the Star Trek front, this is rather well timed actually. After all....the trial never ends (diabolical acting/laughter.)

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