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Lonely Hooves 3 - 111

By Zaron
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Looming is definitely a learned skill.

Kazziepones - inks, colors  |  Zaron - writing, pencils
Lonely Hooves is a fan work. MLP © Hasbro


Lonely Hooves 3 -110 by Zaron

Lonely Hooves 3-112 by Zaron
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wesieboy56's avatar

have to agree with muse on this, they'll get along fine

Sure, be direct, but could you directly learn about personal space?

Slit pupils... I have two creatures in mind which that could mean. Bat pony or changeling. I don't see bat wings (unless there's an enchanted item hiding those) so I'm inclined to say changeling. But... I also have a guess at something else.


It might be a stretch but I also notice that she has the same coloured eyes as Edmunds sister. Not to mention that at page 94 that Edmund sister plays what looks to be an electric guitar meaning she would have some music knowledge. Even the hair style (minus the color) looks almost similar though that may be coincidence. I might be stretching but these are quite novel coincidences to have.

PhoenixFlambe's avatar
They gonna be great friends juuust fine.
tigreanpony's avatar

Oh this was good, looking forward to the next page.

Pony4Koma's avatar

Octavia: Well... Go get it then.

Vinyl: No no Tavi... It's an expression.

Octavia: What does your face have to do with your lost horseshoe?

Vinyl: You're doing that on purpose.

Octavia: Maybe~

cmilonez's avatar

Use, that stare

And derpy will definetily gonna faint haha

pj202718's avatar

Ah. Another character using his actual name. Intriguing.

kerokogeorashi's avatar

Oh? Oh-ho? Slitted eyes slipping in there, Muse? You rarely see those eyes outside of Nightmare ponies. Or changeling queens. And while I don't know of any Nightmare ponies, I do know of a certain changeling queen with family issues...

Zaron's avatar

I am unaware of any canon family issues with my gal Chrysalis, though also I never watched the last couple seasons. Now I am intrigued...

kerokogeorashi's avatar

Ahh, short version then: Chrysalis tried another power grab, but events happen and Starlight manages to incite a revolution against Chrysalis, which gets pretty much every changeling on her side and ousts Chrysalis rather spectacularly. Starlight offers a hoof in friendship to Chrysalis at the end, but Chrysalis be as Chrysalis do, and she just swore vengeance before backflipping off the hive, flying off into the badlands all by herself.

Though given that you didn't know that, this changes things for dear Muse here. Perhaps a new changeling character? Someling unhappy with the way Chrysalis handles things and just wants to be friends? Either way, I am intrigued.

Zaron's avatar

I don't want to confirm or deny anything specific but I will say that Kaz in particular put a lot of effort into constructing some Changeling lore for their relevance to the story, and the incompatibility with any of that is why we officially drew the line in keeping up with canon at Thorax. That boy literally screws us over as early as page 1, so him and most of the expanded Changeling lore that came with him are pretty much ignored entirely for our purposes. (Also, we both think the reformed Changelings are sort of uggo anyway. >_>; )

We've very much got our own thing going on, and we hope y'all enjoy it!

kerokogeorashi's avatar

I'd say "dem's fighting words", but it's a common opinion. I grew rather fond of them myself, Ocellus especially is a delight. Nevertheless, I'll be waiting on your interpretation of the changeling road.

AnimeVeteran's avatar

I could hear the anime sound effect for "stare" while reading this.


PhantomTheChangeling's avatar

Ed be like "personal space maybe? no? ok"

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