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Lonely Hooves 3-109

By Zaron
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Having a pet rock really helps keep one grounded.

For those trying to recall when DD's odd flying habits came up, it's been a hot minute:
Lonely Hooves 1-47 by Zaron

Kazziepones - inks, colors  |  Zaron - writing, pencils
Lonely Hooves is a fan work. MLP © Hasbro


Lonely Hooves 3-108 by Zaron

Lonely Hooves 3 -110 by Zaron
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Actually - that does make a lot of sense. There are no rocks in Cloudsdale, nor trees. To those of us used to living on the ground, a rock is the most mundane thing, rarely worth a first glance, let alone a second...

...Unless you are Maud Pie...

...But in places where they don't exist, having one as a coffee-table centerpiece, or illuminated by a lamp in a cubbyhole as a decorating accent, would be quite the exotic conversation starter.

Isaac Asimov once wrrote an essay about meteorites; he mentioned that there was a paper once written entitled, "The Gods Hate Kansas" - a thesis based on the fact that most of the meteorites ever found in the USA have been found in Kansas. Asimov countered that the gods hate every place equally; it just happens to be more _noticable_ in Kansas, because finding ANY sort of rock lying on the surface of the ground would attract attention and scrutiny, unlike - say, New England - where rocks seem to make up the bulk of land (ask a New England farmer). There are plenty of meteorites in New England, but they haven't been found because they don't stand out.

A pet rock also proves that you're the salt of the earth, or at minimum someone who needs a dirt-cheap pet. Plus they're known for providing stone-cold advice, particularly when you least want and most need to hear it.

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ooooh no it appears i reached the end again...

Zaron's avatar

We update once a week! Hang in there!

wesieboy56's avatar

no worries just being dramatic

Pony4Koma's avatar

Have you never read the Enel Arc of One Piece, Lonely?

Earth is really valuable in the clouds!

samuraivalerie's avatar

Pretty sure there was some progress, i mean his eyes were just grey when this story started.

PhoenixFlambe's avatar
The way I see it, now he has an identity crisis.
kerokogeorashi's avatar

Just like Lonely helped Ditzy realize she's no alone, now Ditzy is helping Eddie realize he has ponies who get him. Sometimes good deeds do get rewarded.

tigreanpony's avatar

That was cute, looking forward to the next page.

Sanluris's avatar

Oh yeah. Don’t let Rainbow teach anybody. She’s kind of crap. Hand everything over to Ditzy. Flying upside-down doesn’t sound easy. I can barely walk backwards. Forget crab-walking.

And I do remember the elephant fiasco.

pj202718's avatar

Part One of her sharing something personal and heart-warming.

Neoky28's avatar

Been so long I'd forgotten about the rock 🤣

wesieboy56's avatar

you can forget about bruno but bruno wont forget about you

PhantomTheChangeling's avatar

Ah yes. The return of Bruno.

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