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Lonely Hooves 3-107

By Zaron
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People ship Rarity with an infant reptile, DD. I'm sure this is fine.

Kazziepones - inks, colors  |  Zaron - writing, pencils
Lonely Hooves is a fan work. MLP © Hasbro


Lonely Hooves 3 - 106 by Zaron

Lonely Hooves 3-108 by Zaron
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You know... I have already made the Isekai joke a few pages ago...

But I got to say that if this was an Isekai, it's unlike any Isekai I have ever seen. Since the girls have more character than the protagonist! I like it:heart:

Zaron's avatar

Thanks! I know in the early pages I had some folks expecting this to go the way of a harem comedy and I hope that lot is pleasantly surprised by that being not at all what we're going for lol. I think this technically does count as an isekai presently, but I might be missing some nuance behind the term.

Pony4Koma's avatar

It technically does probably still count as an isekai.

But thankfuly it's missing all those tierd tropes that made me stop watching anime.

GOOD JOB Thumbs Up

Dearing's avatar

Sooo, if Fluttershy is into Discord, and Discord is, what, six things...does that technically mean Fluttershy has a harem?

Dearing's avatar

Well, I wasn't expecting a response, but I'm glad I got one XD

Jatheus's avatar

I ship nothing. I can’t like it. But Ditzy and Loney are cute.

I'm curious how that whirlwind romance with a medusa went, given the whole turning-to-stone thing. It's not easy to make a relationship work when you can't look at your significant other.

Unless that's a medusa as in a cnidarian, in which case I hope it was a magic sapient cnidarian. A romance with something that doesn't have a brain is ethically questionable.

Zaron's avatar

Fun fact:

The original script had Daring Do falling for a snake instead, but I didn't know for sure if Equestrian snakes were capable of sentience or not, so I opted for the next best thing.

Razor of Dreams is on the canon Daring Do novel list, though, but I don't think there's a released version of it we can read.

Yeah, I recognized the title, but canonically the title is all we've got.

VentodelCaos's avatar

What about a Lamia? Like gorgon but no snake hair and no stoning gaze.

Or a Naga. Full snake except the head.

Zaron's avatar

Valid choices, though I think the element of danger a Medusa presents suits Daring Do, and you know, forbidden love and all that, it's a whole thing, the tension, the contemplation, the blindfolds and the [THIS IS THE DA POLICE, THIS POST IS GETTING TOO HOT FOR DA]

VentodelCaos's avatar

That is a good point and i have no arguments against this logic.

My only concern is more for the zootecnic point.

Like you clearly demonstrate in page 48, in all Equestria only Twilight have a vague familiarity with human anatomy (before today, obviously). Considering that usualy Gorgons and Lamia have at list the upper half of there body with anthropomorphic shape, it is probability safe to considering that that creature is, or nonexistent or with equine body instead.

I cannot anthropologically imagine a creature with the upper body as a horse and the rest as a snake. But a Naga? Just a horse-headed snake? That is much more simple.

Then again, I'm talking about zoological coherence and anatomy design in a pastel horse cartoon. All my argument, as solid they can be, have no ground to stand.

kerokogeorashi's avatar

To be fair, Equestria has creatures like minotaurs that share several characteristics with humanoids (arms, hands, torso, etc.), so a humanoid bodytype wouldn't be completely alien to them.

Zaron's avatar

I mean I just sorta figured it'd be the "lady with snakes for hair" interpretation in pony form but I'm basic like that.

PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Now who's the egghead now?
AnimeVeteran's avatar

The awkward attempts to break tension after a revelation like that are seriously relatable.

kerokogeorashi's avatar
Heck, I've seen people ship Flurry Heart with Sunburst. Ditzy and an undead furless monkey boy in a pony body is downright tame by comparison.
Scyphi's avatar

Well, you were helping, Dash...until you weren't.

Neoky28's avatar

Brilliant, just brilliant, oh dash, LOL! Rainbow Dash (laugh) plz

tigreanpony's avatar

That was good, and so RD there, she sometimes give good advice but will never admit it.

pj202718's avatar

I wonder what a sapient with hooves would call ham-fisted advice. Ditzy can't eat ham and she has no idea what a fist is so she can't use that reference to describe Dash's advice.

Hawk2430's avatar

Ahhh RDs add kicking in

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