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Lonely Hooves 3 - 106

By Zaron
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Can't fault her for freaking out.

PATCH NOTES: v1.1 (2021-02-14):
- Vinyl Scratch emotional spectrum has been thoroughly rebalanced.
- Royalty's Luna branch Heart of Stone class buff has been significantly nerfed.
- Fixed rare bug where Twilight Sparkle's wing conflicted with Ditzy's ear attachments in render pipeline.
Developer notes:
I believe that if you backpedal to alter or perfect things every time you start to feel unhappy with them, you'll never actually get anywhere - "perfect is the enemy of done," as it goes - so imagine how unhappy we both have to be on this end to break that rule. The basic issue was that the cast reactions have been largely inadequate or misdirecting, with Vinyl in particular getting a rather mixed response and read from the audience across our various avenues. We settled on only altering this most recent page a bit, but for a while we were considering completely overhauling the last couple pages! Thanks to the folks on the Discord who helped us brainstorm through this to come to this solution and avoid delaying moving ahead for a few weeks.

Kazziepones - inks, colors  |  Zaron - writing, pencils
Lonely Hooves is a fan work. MLP © Hasbro


Lonely Hooves 3 - 104 +105 by Zaron

Lonely Hooves 3-107 by Zaron
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I love the dialogues in this page!

Jatheus's avatar

Seeing the same page twice, for a moment I thought I was entering an equine corner of.... the Twilight Zone

it does seem to make more sense now.

Information of questionable utility is still better than no information at all.

kerokogeorashi's avatar

It's a start, at least. The kind of help someone who committed suicide, albeit accidental, out of depression needs is very different than the kind of help someone who died from, say, a traffic accident would.

Scyphi's avatar

Twilight Sparkle: proving yet again why she's the princess of friendship...and not the princess of remarkable tact. :P

tigreanpony's avatar

Nicely done, really love the last page with RD being awkward and Derpy's dead pan face.

alexandermon's avatar

Well... now they know who he is, or was, and that his life sucks. Or sucked. Isn't the idea to find his identity? Now they have to pick up the pieces of what's left of him after that.

pj202718's avatar

Oh, crap. Twilight Totally Fucking Useless has made the scene again.....and she's seconded by Rainbow Denser Than Titanium.

Pum6kin's avatar

Not exactly useless. Don't forget that she and Starlight were able to obliterate most of Shade's minions with their magic last night when most of her friends couldn't.

pj202718's avatar

But she seems somewhat blind to Lonely's plight. That doesn't seem very productive.

Zaron's avatar

Useless? This entire stop at Zecora's was her idea in the first place. Her introduction to the story was wiping out a small army as a hello. Twilight's not useless, she just has anxiety!

As for Dash, no she ain't the brightest bulb in the box, but she is trying, and considering how awkward she's made the situation for herself leading up to Ed's arrival, I think she's doing pretty well!

pj202718's avatar

Let's review.....Edmund/Lonely lived a miserable life and died a horrifying death so he could be a pawn in a game that would make Darkseid, Thanos and Sauron join him in puking in disgusted horror and Twi's response is not helpful.

Arackn's avatar

I mean to be fair, it still doesn't help them at all. They got more idea on what happened and still no solutions which is kind of the one thing they need. Panicking is a pretty natural reaction I'd say.

pj202718's avatar

This is where the other set of pawns in the game come into play: our friend in the suit and his co-workers. Once they tell them what they want, they can start to figure out a solution.

Luna is missing her wings it seems

Zaron's avatar
Neoky28's avatar

I've missed the hilarious pony expressions. Twilight, ever the optimist.

WingMcCallister's avatar

Mmm, I love these pages.

Hawk2430's avatar

Well a Pizza would help most situations

alexandermon's avatar

After leaving the stomach on the grass?

Hawk2430's avatar

Yes. Gotta replenish what was lost. Get that boy a good ol vegie pizza since I don't think ponies would eat a Meat Lovers

Sanluris's avatar

He grew a stomach and other digestive system stuff! Hooray!

Well, it's late and they deserve a pizza party while writing up 12% of a plan to start. Twelve percent of a plan isn't that bad in such short notice.

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