An alarming amount of people have been hit by this, so I'm going to make a status update too - Scammer/bots are now messaging random people who commented/faved my most recent comic saying that you "won a giveaway" and asking you to click on a link while on your phone. DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK. There is NO giveaway, and even if I WAS doing a giveaway, I would be the one contacting you, not some random (and in most cases) brand-new account. NEVER CLICK LINKS FROM PEOPLE YOU DO NOT KNOW OR TRUST, even if they say I (or some other well-known artist, I assume they're just pulling names/deviation titles out of a pool) sent them! And especially if they're saying you won something! Be careful out there!

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By zarla
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That's literally awful, DA would never send you a message on a normal acc or anything of that sort :///

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I got an emote from someone who doesn't have any art/favorites (When i say i got an emote, i mean all they did was send me an message with an wave) Should I worry? I didn't click on the hand, i'm just confused o-o (I didn't click on their profile in message either, i just went around and did "Deviant art - user name- " )

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same thing if they claim they're from deviantart saying you won a prize, they wouldn't be messaging you on some normal account you can look up. its all bullshit. 1. DA wouldn't be contacting you with a normal account, it'd be an official DA admin, which they don't have basic user accounts. 2. if you won a prize, it'd be because you participated in something because we all know DA doesn't just give things away. 3. they SURE as hell aren't going to give you a link to some random website that isn't even part of their authentic website, 4. i'm 1000% positive if it wasn't bullshit, which it is, THEY'D AT LEAST BE FAMILIAR WITH USING PROPER GRAMMAR AND SPELLING. had this happen to me a couple weeks ago, some account tried PMing me, telling me i'd won a 100 dollar gift card, with a link to a bogus site with fairly crappy english. reported it, copy pasted the link and sent it to DA's help center, don't know if anything will happen, but hopefully they get busted.

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Edit on my comment because I can't seem to find it:

I got another one two days ago from a deactivated user that did the same as the other bot. It is only a matter of time before they flood my inbox.

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Yeah, I just noticed one of those in my inbox, I'm too old for sh.. uh, I mean stuff like that to work anyways, but it's good to give a heads up :)

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i replied to him is that something bad ????? (this is the second time this happens holy ... i replied stop sending me this sh.. but obviously

didnt clicked any link and now im scared)

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as long as you didn't click the link, you should be fine.

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I've been so busy, by the time I found the message, the guy was already deleted and their message had no link. It was obvious that it was a scammer, lol. But thanks for the warning! I was wondering if anyone else had gotten hit by this guy(s).
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Hah I got a message from some random user about 5 days ago that i just looked at today that said i won a giveaway i didnt ever enter, but the user had already been removed and the link was invalid
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I figured that note I got was fishy...
It'd be weird for an account to be running a "contest" if they didn't have an icon or a community...
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Yeah I had a red flag and figured it wasn't real.
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I saw this Status Update a few days prior to getting a random note from someone today...apparently thanking me and then giving me a gift? I was immediately suspicious as I hadn't done anything that would make some random account that I've never heard of until today pop up out of nowhere and act like I'd just done something brilliant for them. They also deactivated today as well. I'm assuming it's a bot of some sorts and just delete the unread note.

Thank you for spreading awareness to this!
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I got a note from some random account with this speil. I marked it as spam and googled where the link was going to try and take me. It was some marketing thing. Soon after that account was deleted so someone must have informed DA in that short amount of time.
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I got one. Never opened the link and marked it as spam. Can't believe the scammer bots have invaded DA this much. >_>

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There really isn't a good way for the average user to report spam and malicious posts here. If the artist is away doing stuff, the bots and spammers might as well have free reign.

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I haven't gotten one, but even if I didn't see this I likely wouldn't have clicked on it, cuz, 1, I don't enter giveaways very often, and 2, I don't own a phone.

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New year, new scam wave, I guess. Got myself one this morning, from a freshly created account. :grump:
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I never click random links from random people. Don't note me unless I know you.
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notes are harmless enough (as long as they aren't harassment or death threats), but if you don't know the person, and the link is fishy, neeevvver mess with it.

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I clicked it(the link I'm bad at this lol), saw the words then was like, ``Nah man``
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This happened to me very recently!
I was super confused and I'm glad I didn't touch the link. 
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