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You may have seen my journal entry on my front page for the last year, asking if anyone had seen my missing Luigi hat. Well, I do have an update on that, although it's not a positive one.

I've heard from someone that they found my hat at the Burbank Airport in December of last year, around the time when I lost it, and they turned it in to the airport lost and found. The lost and found only holds items for a few months, and they don't have logs of items going back that far. So if it was there, it's gone. I asked where unclaimed items go, and one person said they didn't know, and I'm waiting to hear back from another. It's possible unclaimed items just end up in the garbage, but they could have been donated to someplace or some organization, or sold to a retailer, or something like that. So there is a chance, albeit a miniscule one, that my hat is still out there somewhere.

So... has anyone seen my hat? It could be in a thrift store, in a bargain bin, maybe someone took it home by mistake... it could be anywhere, if it still exists at all and hasn't been destroyed. Please keep an eye out for it, if you can... at this point, I have no idea where it could be. But maybe it's out there somewhere.


It's a very distinct hat, it'd be hard to miss. It's bright green, made of felt, and has a bunch of pins attached to it. The little Samus hair clip is pinned to the brim. It's possible the pins might have been removed or lost, but you can still tell it's my hat because it has two signatures on the inside in sharpie - one from Steve Purcell and one from Jeff Smith, both addressed to Zar.

Different angle 1 Different angle 2 Different angle 3 The Samus hairclip that's attached to the brim

If you see it or hear anything about it, please let me know. I'll do anything to get it back.

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Just wanted to make a brief announcement here that I do NOT SELL NFTS OF MY ART AND I NEVER WILL. If you EVER see an NFT of my art on sale ANYWHERE then I am NOT the one selling it. Someone minted an NFT of it without my permission and is trying to sell it behind my back for their own gain. Do NOT buy it. I report any of the ones I'm alerted to, thanks to DevartProtect, but some sites hosting the NFTS are being deliberately slow about taking them down. Again, I will NEVER sell NFTs of my art. If you ever see one, it was made without my permission or knowledge. DO NOT BUY THEM.

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Ah I haven't posted a recent journal update about my arm, it occurs to me... I've been doing all the exercises and such and it's a lot better! It's still not 100% though... I can work for an hour at a time now without it bothering me, which is great! But that's still a lot, lot slower than my previous pace... one of the old Handplates pages took like... over 24 hours in all to do. Only being able to do one hour of that at a time over a long period means it's going to take a lot longer. I am working on the next page, slowly but it's happening, but the pace of them is just going to be slower until my arm heals completely. Same for general art as well... I can't keep up my previous schedule as long as it's like this. It does feel stronger and better each day, so I'm hoping the forward progress will continue, and I wish I could make it go faster, but it is what it is. :/ I really appreciate your patience though! I hope you'll keep sticking with me through this...

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So I went and saw a physical therapist and they said that luckily I do not have tendonitis! I just over-exerted the muscles in my arm... resting it wasn't hurting it, but it wasn't making it better either, which is why it felt like I was making no Progress. They gave me a course of stretches to do to help it get better, so as long as I'm diligent, hopefully it won't take too much longer... thank you all so much for being patient. ;_; I had a dream last night about drawing again, I miss it so much. I want to draw again! I want to do things! But I have to keep waiting... I hope you all will stick around until the end of it, haha. It feels like it must be near...

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I know this will be disappointing but my arm still has not healed yet. And I'm still trying to take it as easy as possible with it, i'm trying not to type with it even. I'm actually dictating this into a site. I really want it to be better, I can't tell you how much I want it to have healed, it's frustrating and stressful to not know if I'm doing everything right for it to heal properly, even though I know it just takes time. It's hard to be patient on my end, and I'm sure it's hard on your end too. Please bear with me... Hopefully next week it will be better, maybe not 100% but better. I'm tempted to post some old comics from my sketchbook in the meantime, but we'll see, I guess... I hate this so much. You have no idea.

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