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I've been doing a lot of pixel art lately so a ton is going to be coming at you soon, haha. The problem is a lot of them are animated at different frame rates, so to make them look their best I may have to upload them individually, so you might get a bunch of things uploaded all at once soon. I don't know what else I can do! It's difficult to get a bunch of gifs into one image when they're at differing frame rates and lengths...

Anyway just wanted to let you know there'll be kind of a mini-flood! It's strange to think of uploading multiple times a day, I'm usually pretty consistent with when and how much I upload, but what can you do. |D I may set up a little folder for pixel things, come to think of it...

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While the main Handplates story is over now (I am typing this sentence and I still don't believe it, I don't know how long it'll take for this to sink in), that doesn't mean I won't still do random little one-shots or side comics as they come to me, haha. I asked on Tumblr and people expressed interest in seeing some first drafts of scenes, dialogue I ended up not using, or various other bits of "unused content" like that. So you might see some of that in the future! I doubt that Handplates will ever completely leave my head, much like the L4D ladies or Edgar and Scriabin never fully leave my thoughts. Who knows how frequently it'll pop up, but it'll always be there waiting.

But anyway, the jist is that I'm not leaving the Handplates world forever. |D The main story is closed and done, sort of like a finished save file, but there are still other things around it to play with.

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I'm back from my trip! I had a really good time but I unfortunately managed to catch Covid along the way. D: So far it's pretty mild which I'm hoping will be the case throughout, but all I can really do about it is try to rest and isolate while it runs its course. Anyway, the point is that I'm going to try and see if I can get some work on the next Handplates page done soon but it might take a little while depending on how bad it gets, I hope you'll still be patient for a while more...

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As a heads-up, I'm going on a trip this Friday for about two weeks! I'm not going to be posting anything here during that time and it's pretty unlikely I'll have time to work on anything either since it's supposed to be a vacation type thing, haha. I might get a Defrag page done by Friday but the next Handplates page will be a while coming.

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Just wanted to make a brief announcement here that I do NOT SELL NFTS OF MY ART AND I NEVER WILL. If you EVER see an NFT of my art on sale ANYWHERE then I am NOT the one selling it. Someone minted an NFT of it without my permission and is trying to sell it behind my back for their own gain. Do NOT buy it. I report any of the ones I'm alerted to, thanks to DevartProtect, but some sites hosting the NFTS are being deliberately slow about taking them down. Again, I will NEVER sell NFTs of my art. If you ever see one, it was made without my permission or knowledge. DO NOT BUY THEM.

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