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You're forbidden from the house

Someone was wondering how Gaster would react to the kid in a mercy situation. He would noooot approve of Papyrus making friends with them, haha.


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Papyrus, Gaster, the kid (c) Undertale: neutral routes get real depressing
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Don't talk to me or my son ever again.

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protective father mode has been engaged

How would Gaster react if Papyrus stopped a genocide run by showing kindness? How would he react if Frisk only killed monsters out of self-defense?

He'd probably be utterly shocked (and perhaps a touch humiliated) by Papyrus being able to save a human, which in his mind have always been evil, remorseless, and determined to a fault, with simple kindness - after all, in Handplates he expressed to Sans that he might one day have to kill to protect his brother, and to Papyrus that his eternal philosophy of MERCY was going to get him killed. The human proving their capability for wanton and relentless violence but then also giving up their goal and conceding their determination due to Papyrus's simple offer of mercy would firmly disprove that belief and probably leave his philosophy quite shaken for a long while.

He ultimately would be unsurprised of the human's actions in a Violent Neutral run however - Perhaps he'd internally justify the human only acting out of self-defense to himself as a matter of the human not being developed enough to develop the lust of EXP and murder he'd seen other humans display given they are just a kid after all, or come to believe it to be a result of the influence of Monster figures on them impressing that MERCY has some value (cough, cough, Goatmom). He'd try to fight them and take their SOUL through one means or another, of course, but he would likely go into it having made preparations in case he didn't come back victorious or at all. He'd take the chance given that this does seem to be just a child, but he knows that there is still a chance he'd meet his end at their hands given the species he'd be dealing with.

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Never speak to me or my son ever again!

(Honestly, I'd just cute seeing Gaster be protective.)

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h a m i n a t i o n s

The fact that Frisk doesn't visibly react to much is one of my favorite parts of UT fanart.



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You're evil, now get away from my children whom I've tortured for years.
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oh my god... I just laughed my ASS off!

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dadster does not approve
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“Don’t come near me or my science children ever again!”
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OHIGOSH!!! I'M DYING!!! *laughs, falls on floor
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Gaster: dont ever talk to me or my beautiful boy again
Papyrus: w-what?
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I laughed to hard at this. Gasters face. *wheezes*
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Me: Lol funny comic.
Description: Neutral routes get real depressing.
Also Me: ;-;
Don't talk to me or my son ever again!
What about the genocide encounter with Papyrus, but it's post Mercyplates and Gaster shows up to curb stomp Frisk/Chara.
actually the genocide run isnt the only run where you can kill paps ...
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*Frisk lunges at papyrus
*Gaster jumps in and yeets the knife out of Frisk's hands
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what would happen if frisk played genocide in the mercyplates au what would gaster do?

I feel like he would either nope right outta there and get depressed again or... I hope... He'd finally grow a backbone (hah) and defend his family to the last breath (eh, y'know..).

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