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You're forbidden from the house

By zarla
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Someone was wondering how Gaster would react to the kid in a mercy situation. He would noooot approve of Papyrus making friends with them, haha.


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Papyrus, Gaster, the kid (c) Undertale: neutral routes get real depressing
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How would Gaster react if Papyrus stopped a genocide run by showing kindness? How would he react if Frisk only killed monsters out of self-defense?

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ElisabethTKHobbyist General Artist

Never speak to me or my son ever again!

(Honestly, I'd just cute seeing Gaster be protective.)

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h a m i n a t i o n s

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The fact that Frisk doesn't visibly react to much is one of my favorite parts of UT fanart.


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HamycchHobbyist General Artist
You're evil, now get away from my children whom I've tortured for years.
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Atara-parakittyHobbyist General Artist
dadster does not approve
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ZoraTheTwilightDrakeHobbyist Artist
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“Don’t come near me or my science children ever again!”
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Kat-RobinsHobbyist General Artist
OHIGOSH!!! I'M DYING!!! *laughs, falls on floor
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Scetcher101Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gaster: dont ever talk to me or my beautiful boy again
Papyrus: w-what?
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I laughed to hard at this. Gasters face. *wheezes*
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Me: Lol funny comic.
Description: Neutral routes get real depressing.
Also Me: ;-;
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Don't talk to me or my son ever again!
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xrainxofxbloodxStudent Digital Artist
What about the genocide encounter with Papyrus, but it's post Mercyplates and Gaster shows up to curb stomp Frisk/Chara.
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actually the genocide run isnt the only run where you can kill paps ...
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nerdyintrovertHobbyist Digital Artist
*Frisk lunges at papyrus
*Gaster jumps in and yeets the knife out of Frisk's hands
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what would happen if frisk played genocide in the mercyplates au what would gaster do?
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I feel like he would either nope right outta there and get depressed again or... I hope... He'd finally grow a backbone (hah) and defend his family to the last breath (eh, y'know..).

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Frisk: how rude, you don't know anything about me
Gaster: you're a human
Frisk: and? 
Gaster: Human are bad
Frisk: Well seen that some monsters attacked me without reasons, I guess that some monsters are bad too.
Gaster: ...
Frisk: Do you know if I'm a boy or a girl? my age? What I love and hate? Why I'm here? Why my love is still at 1?
Gaster: No?
Frisk: So you can't judge me if you doesnt' know anything about me.
Papyrus: the human has a point
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MulgorathStudent Writer
Frisk: “You can’t judge me.”
Sans: “Yeah, that’s my jo- actually on second thought I am delegating this to you.”
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Gaster: Well.....You're human you're evil all humans are now get away from my son that i tormented for years!
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Queen-of-AngstHobbyist General Artist

I would honestly like to see a genocide or neutral with Mercyplates. Just to see Gaster break down over his sons dying-
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it'd be geno because you cant kill sans and papyrus in genocide timelines
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