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You know you've been mean to me

By zarla
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I suppose this was inevitable

Done entirely digitally which is weird.

These two ladies are miiine
The outfit's from Guys and Dolls though
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She looks cute as a feline.  I like it.
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EEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHH (lenny face) Smokey Smokey...
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If I was in Hunter's position, I would just be screaming. 
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Music Note Bullet (Blue) - F2U Smoker's gonna be up all night, to be luckyMusic Note Bullet (Teal) - F2U 
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OH MY YES! Hunter's dressed up as member of CATS the musical.
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Wow. Oh my gosh, what was the bet?
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Hahaha haaaaah and also cute
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She's got some nice legs.  And one mighty angry expression.  I find it amusing that the ears remain, and the tail is apparently cued to her mood. 
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i got myself a crying, talking, sleeping, walking living doll,
i got to do my best to please her just cause shes a living doll,
i got a rowing eye and that is why she satisfy my soul,
i got the one and only walking talking living doll.
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It's funnier because she IS dead in the future. Well, nearly dead but not quite. (+1 cookie if you get the reference)
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daaaaaaaaaamn hunter looks hot. And i don't think she's as upset as she pretends she is.
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ehheheheheh... I bet if they ever found out and broke the 4th wall, you would be dead zar.
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Smoker's smarmy grin here will never not make me smile.  SO SMUG hahahaha. and it cracks me up how the tail on the costume just helps make Hunter look even more indignant.  

Hahaha Hunter is going to have to find some way to up the ante the next time Smoker loses a bet, i guess.  But I'm not sure how she can top this one...
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Forcing Smoker to cosplay at some anime convention maybe?
Bardic-Feline's avatar
Poor Smoker would go crazy from the con crowds alone, never mind whatever outfit Hunter forced her into. 8l Seriosly, there was an LJ only sketch comic from ages ago that was basically Smoker having something like an anxiety attack because Hunter dragged her to a con and being stuck in a huge crowd was getting to her. 

 (That said...the thought of Smoker being forced to cosplay as something is pretty funny.  Like a Magical Girl outfit, maybe?)
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But Hunter, you look so cute =D
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let me guess...she wants her to sing Pet Me Poppa. XDDDDD
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Next time, think your bets, Hunter. Don't try put Smoker in lingeries again ever or this is what will happen...

Cute cat XD
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I comment on livejournal on how this pic should be on devArt so it can be put in favourites, I come here the next day and there it is!

I stand by my previous statement: Hunter is probably thinking something like "I'M supposed to be the one calling the shots, why did I let this happen!?"
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That is so great.
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Revenge for the stockings?
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I can bet right now their bet involved a Klondike bar. Who's in?
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III found this absolutely adorable~ ah I love these two.
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