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What a woman does is open doors




And it is not a question of locking or unlocking... - x

We last saw the WD Alphys app a long long time ago! It was an app Alphys and Gaster were working on that'd let him use sign language over the phone by locking onto his magic signature. What Alphys did here is basically take the data for that magic signature, use another program to duplicate it, and use that to bypass the door locks.

Some of you already guessed (some even ages ago, actually) that the brothers have been speaking Wingdings the whole time, in which case congrats! So how did Gaster figure out their true fonts then? There'll be more about fonts in the future, but for now, you can think of it as them speaking Wingdings with Comic Sans/Papyrus accents, in a sense.
Alphys can't understand Gaster if he's not using sign language, as seen here and also at the end of this one. While she can read sign language fine, she's rusty at using it herself because Gaster can understand her without it, so she doesn't have to use it herself very often.

Papyrus is hopeful for the future and sure that Gaster has changed and all, but there's no harm in being a little cautious considering how unpredictable Gaster can be. It's hard to undo a lifetime of fear after all.

The forcefield goes invisible when people aren't close to it, I didn't forget it in the last panel, haha.


Edit - Check out Jamadub's dub! (Spanish)
And Phoenix Prime's!
And Puzzle Channel's! (Russian)

Português do Brasil

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Oh I thought he learned their fonts when they were babbling but I'm excited to see what the actual reason is