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Use the wrong name and you're dead

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Edgar and Scriabin inhabit the same body, which neither of them are very happy about. After a certain point, Scriabin gets powerful enough to take control of the body from Edgar, and since the fic is from Edgar’s pov (generally) and he blacks out when it happens, you never really get to see how that looks from the outside. I barely ever draw Scriabin when he’s in control of the body, so I figured I might as well do a few to compare, haha. You can tell which one is which immediately, they both behave and emote and speak and carry themselves completely differently.

It’s very weird to draw Scriabin with his eyes visible, hiding his eyes is a whole thing with him, but if he’s controlling Edgar’s body he’s not going to have his mirror glasses and he can’t shift reality to hide them either, so there’s nothing he can really do about it.

For how often he does it, I rarely draw Edgar scratching at his scars either. Another checkmark!

I also like how Scriabin never shuts his big mouth lol


Edgar Vargas (c) JtHM: edgar quietly blending into the background while scriabin constantly kicks over tables screaming LOOK AT MEEEE
Scriabin (c) Meeeee

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ArkiRaptorHobbyist Traditional Artist
Omg. This is what I needed. He's so b e a u t f u l ~
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acebladesStudent Digital Artist

All of this vargas content is giving me so much liiiifeeee

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LinenLightHobbyist General Artist

This is now my reference sheet for expressions and poses.

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Mage-the-ObserverStudent Writer

Come to your senses an hour later, your hair's grown out to shoulder length and your glasses are covered in scratches and smears.

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It's astounding how much personality can be conveyed through sitting alone. Love how Edgar's making himself small, while Scriabin is just trying to take up as much space as possible. Couldn't miss him even if you tried :D
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I really love how you draw body language. Especially how Edgar's shoulders seem so high and anxious, while Scriabin's look low and relaxed. It might just be the coat making it look so but either way I think that it's neat. C:

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safest to just say hello...

awesome pictures!!!!

UNICORNTEARZ13Hobbyist Digital Artist

i lose my mind whenever you post something vargas related.

GOD i love scriabins body language...

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muriidaeHobbyist Digital Artist

i love the little expressions on edgar. i want to be his friend :].......

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HazelGatoyaStudent Traditional Artist

This sums up what I lovingly call "the phonecall chapter" perfectly, to be honest. It's actually nice to get a representation of what Scriabin looks like while inhabiting Edgar's body, haha.

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Guy meets the staby staby guy and fell in love with his gay multiple personality disorder, the fanfic. I love it. ; P

... Does it still count as a gay couple if they are the same guy?

Edgar is kinda of good looking too. ; ) (too bad he is kinda slimy). (Don't take it bad).

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MusicalBloodDropHobbyist General Artist

Oh gosh I love them

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ZiantanaHobbyist Traditional Artist
But I don’t want to die ;n;
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