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[UNDERTALE SPOILERS] Good intentions

By zarla
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This may be the worst idea I've ever had.

* It makes a joke about spaghetti. It hates its own joke.
* It tidies up the place, then immediately scatters everything again.
* Its eyes flicker as it wraps its arms around itself.
* It works very hard at giving up.

* It wants to be your friend.

Although Sans wasn't injected with determination here, I figure his generally fragile state at 1 hp, plus Papyrus melting into his eyes and mouth, plus his determination to save his brother somehow, would be enough to get him to melt too. But if you'd rather imagine him stuck inside Papyrus instead I won't stop you, haha.
I wrote up some more details about this awful thing here, it got kinda long.

OH RIGHT THE WINGDINGS they say something like "you okay, can you hear me?"

Edit - Check out these dubs for this comic!
ElectroNerp Productions
GB Axonlok (not technically a vocal dub but still a video with sound effects)
Wosh ur bones
Auryn Holtorf
Sans Vod (partial)
Man on the Internet

Spanish translation!
Brazilian Portugese translation!
Russian translation!
Polish translation!
Hungarian translation!

Done entirely digitally and it took FOREVER.

Sans, Papyrus, Alphys (c) Undertale, never sleep again edition
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© 2015 - 2021 zarla
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Invader-sans-cipher's avatar

*hugs the boys* this is disgusting but i love it.

w00dfur's avatar

Yo this isn't in your Undertale gallery folder

ShayXOzwishi's avatar
This Comic Is So Sad...

Is this canon to Handplate or is it it's own separate thing?

redm00nsky's avatar

i think this was made before handplates, so its definitely its own thing

EbrahimAndSonic's avatar

i REALLY don't know how sans got into papyruses body

ARandomUnderTaleGeek's avatar

I knew about this a while ago and just won't stop thinking about it so I was stupid and actually read it yep that's right I am that dumb!

I came here because I recognized your art from handplant, my jaw is on the ground now and I am terrified.

Sahara-JJ's avatar

I knew what I was getting into from reading about this previously but I still wasn't prepared

Now to go watch cat videos

SilverTankSan's avatar

Bro did you just

Did you just made me feels

MadeerArts's avatar

Melty spaghetti

EpodynoThanato's avatar

Coming back to this years later, I completely forgot how terrifying this was. Excellent job.

Nachtmagie's avatar


Nachtmagie's avatar


ezziej2's avatar
I should not be feeling this many feels so late at night
RetortaSinistram's avatar
I'm 83 years late, but the Wingdings in the "Sans keeps talking to Papyrus in this strange language" panel says: "You okay? Can you hear me?" Interestingly, Sans speaks in all caps here.

He's probably screaming

Lolaa3805's avatar
Frisk has seen the most unsettling thing in the entire universe
Hamycch's avatar
Sans: i'm not judging you.
Alphys: O-okay...
Alphys: *turns around*
Sans: J U D G E M E N T A L   S T A R E
JazzyDrawz's avatar
I remember Sixbones from when I was much more into the UT fandom! AAAA such a long time! Still LOOOOVE this!
aestheticyanchan's avatar

I'm writing a play on this...

"The Tragedy of the Bromalgamate"

It has 4 parts. When I read it, tho I'd written it myself it made me cry

my sister yelled at me 4 messing up her keyboard

Me: sans and papyrus are my favorite characters

Me: *reads comic*


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