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There is a lot of hair and fur though


Numbers? Nonsense.

I would've put Papyrus in feetie pajamas too but he's too tall, lol.
Hmm, where have we seen rainbow colors before...


Edit - Check out Jamadubs' dub! (Spanish)
And Phoenix Prime's!

Português do Brasil

Sans, Papyrus, Asgore (c) Undertale: a sans panda. sanda.
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*me laughing that Papyrus thinks Monsters are made of digital numbers.* xD

Sans: here touch my bone to tell if your bad or not!

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numbers is magic

*Le gasp*

Is magic made of numbers?

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Gaster....falling into the core......oh my lord

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Can sans expose the king?

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How sans can Judge your soul: t h i s

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Skeletons can now have X Ray vision haha

Like how you're keeping the detail of the 'missing piece' with the souls

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You'd be the biggest NUMBER 1 Papyrus
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It just occurred to me... We may not be *made* of numbers, but we can, theoretically, be described by them. Just because everything is described in numbers doesn't mean its a simulation or a game or anything. It could just be a computational approach to fully describing the world.
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Like how the ratio between the length of the arm and the forearm is the aureus number, how most structures in the body and in nature follow the Fibonacci sequence... Everything can be described throught numbers and follows mathematical and physical rules that we've made to understand reality.

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Papyrus' freaking hand gestures got me good.

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The numbers are his stats his hp 3500 def -30 attack 80 in the code those are his stats

Ah, Undertale noob here. What do the numbers Sans see in Asgore symbolise? Is it to do with LV?

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Yeah, it's the game code I think.
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guys just look at the comment above you. The numbers are his stats: his hp 3500, def -30, and attack 80 in the code those are his stats.

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Yeah i cant edit the comment lol
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Papyrus you don't want to be made of the biggest ones...
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