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Swirlin about your legs
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Published: September 9, 2018
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I was thinkin about Gaster in his Underdress again and I felt like drawin him in some different poses in it, why not.

Gaster (c) Undertale: who's tossing babies around
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Oh man, I laughed for about five minutes at the look of eye-popping panic on Gaster's face in the first drawing. Considering his general recklessness in handling the babies I can't help but imagine that it was him who tossed Papyrus and then he was immediately like "NO WAIT **** why did I even DO that?"

(I was also a little worried initially because I thought Papyrus was wearing a teeny medical gown OH NO I THOUGHT THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE HAPPY AU then I realized that it's just a dress in gender-neutral green like the onesies WHEW.)
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SC2050|Student Digital Artist
You talkin’ shiz ‘bout my KIDS?
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Gone a be honest here, if it were not for gossamer cape, the dress looks like a robe, and, oddly, looks appropriate. Note. The dress Catatonic did looks more like a robe than yours. 

This is all IMO. 
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SmurfsAss|Hobbyist General Artist
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medicus-stellarum|Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is my favourite picture on the internet okay thanks bye
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jolliapplegirl|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gaster looks fabulous in that dress.
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Danni-0511|Hobbyist General Artist
Tiny adorable flying papaya 
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MissPunnyPuns|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah- I love this whole thing. Like I always feel like dresses are the ultimate of fancy clothing and more guys should wear them!
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I just had the opportunity to look at my uncle and say - 'Look at Gaster in a sparkly dress catching a baby'.
Thank you
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I live for tiny Papyrus
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he looks like a sparkle reaper.  In fact, first looking at this, i was all like "oh no! a reaper looks like its about to catch a baby with its death toucn" and then I realized it was just gaster
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heard u talkin shit and l et m e ju s t s a  y fo  r th e r e co rd t h  a t i h a v e fe e l i n gs
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you will be able to draw your gaster when he is in the void ?
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holydoitsu|Hobbyist General Artist
is that gaster? he looks like a woman (don t get me wrong I really  like the drawing Hetalia Icon )
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Arachnakid|Student General Artist
Wooo swooshy dress! :skull:
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jjarsEdited |Hobbyist Writer
Four different tragedies about to happen.
Tragedy plus time equals comedy, but what happens when you plug a negative value into "time"? Or if Gaster gets deleted so "tragedy" gets assigned the NaN (Not a Number) value?
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I love the pose in the bottom right!
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I am amazed at your ability to capture dress movement! This is great!
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d00dlesInk|Hobbyist Artist
Looks like it’d be traditional skeleton wear lol. Just imagine all skeletons wear dressy robe things
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DatSasquatchTho|Hobbyist General Artist
Baby papyrus (i think that's him) looks so fuccin aDORABLE HOLY SHITEE
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