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[SPOILERS] Ever seen somebody ruin they own life
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Published: June 23, 2018
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Another one of those incidents Gaster ended up replaying in his head many, many times. Asgore regretted it all almost immediately, but not before he ended up destroying what was left of his family through his own angry choices. (Then Gaster had to pick up the pieces...)

When Asgore faces away from him, Gaster moves his magic hands to where he’s looking and signs there, but most of the time Asgore’s blocking the shot so you can’t see them, haha. He's signed that way before, actually.
And to think, one of the first times we see Asgore in the comic is when he's tenderly picking Gaster up after he passed out, haha. Come to think of it he kind of manhandles him a lot...

Tried a few new things for the backgrounds, hmm.


Asgore, Gaster, Sans (c) Undertale: another thing to blame yourself for to throw on the pile
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ZoraTheTwilightDrakeHobbyist Artist
Bottom panel = hard to believe such a tiny guy is much more powerful and dangerous than that really big guy.
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why does the ending frame seem so familiar... oh wait maybe i got my butt kicked about 1000 times before i passed it, that's why

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ZoraTheTwilightDrakeHobbyist Artist
When gentle, kind, friendly, normally docile people suddenly become angry, they seem almost scarier than people that get angry all the time.
I wonder why...
Maybe it's just me that feels this way...
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FireLord6127Hobbyist Digital Artist
(insert eggman rant here)
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The-False-PrincessHobbyist General Artist
I know this is irrelevant, but the title of the comic reminded me of Hamilton. "YOU EVER SEEN SOMEBODY RUIN THEY'RE OWN LIFE? HIS POOR WIFE" please proceed with your life now.
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DaWeirdOneHobbyist General Artist
Can I mention how small and cute sans looks in the last panel X3
ZoraTheTwilightDrake's avatar
ZoraTheTwilightDrakeHobbyist Artist
Mortalkombatsektor's avatar
love that foreshadowing at the end.
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Gaster fell mainly because of torturing brothers;
The project is because of Asgore decided to declare a war;
And that is because of Asriel and Chara's death;
Their death is because of Chara's plan...
I undertstand, Chara this is all your fault
(not seriously)
tateishi1's avatar
well... the only reason chara went to the underground met the monsters and made the plan was because the humans made chara want to commit suicide and fall into the place we're no one comes back so...

this is pretty much our fault (the humans fault since we're not in undertale)
MissJulyFarraday's avatar
MissJulyFarradayHobbyist Artist
However, Chara made the choice to risk their brother's life. They could've lived peacefully with their new family, but decided to make Asriel go on the Surface while reasonably knowing how humans would react when seeing a monster. So, to me it's still pretty much Chara's fault.
MutantandNinjaLover's avatar
MutantandNinjaLoverHobbyist General Artist
It hurts my heart to see Asgore like this :cry: 
But  the art is so beautiful, the emotions in his face are amazing!
Awesome job as always zarla! :clap:
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TragicMoppetHobbyist General Artist
The POSES and EMOTIONS are absolutely unbelievable. congratulations, you king of art
Temmie-NEO-Scratch's avatar
Temmie-NEO-ScratchHobbyist General Artist
oof.poor gaster.
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vintageisclassicHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm no Undertale fan, but damn it this is some powerful stuff!! Beautifully done!
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Thanks, zarla.

I know there are those who rag on about how horrible Asgore is, and those who defend his actions. But your comic clears it up for both sides: they were both right.
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LumaerixHobbyist Digital Artist
just came back for the hamilton-themed title (from the reynolds pamphlet), and the next line after this is "his poor wife."

his poor wife indeed.
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Jackfrost-300-truefrHobbyist Digital Artist
aww man I've been away so long I forgot about these
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Oh Asgore, you done goofed. No wonder Gaster went to the extremes he did. What he did was still wrong, but the alternative seemed to be to lose a friend and maybe father to completely become this person of pure anger.

Your comics are marvellous. Always enjoy this au.
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UnderTale-The-HumanStudent Digital Artist
Asgore dun got trigger'd
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Violets4LifeHobbyist Digital Artist
Ya Think You Got Enough Emotes There?
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Violets4LifeHobbyist Digital Artist
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