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Right this instant young man


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Papyrus has HAD IT with this!! Could this be an actual action scene??

On a side note, today is the SIXTH anniversary of Handplates! SIX!!! Which is a very Gaster number but six!!! wtf!! I don’t even believe it myself, frankly. I figured this could work as a nice landmark. My ideal one would have been a few comics ahead but I couldn’t make it in time... maybe if I hadn’t hurt my arm earlier this year. >:/ But Gaster finally letting Papyrus help him works well enough.


Gaster, Sans, Papyrus (c) Undertale: sans not really feeling this but he's along for the ride now

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OMG I love how Sans is covering their backs and blasting all the enemies trying to sneak up on them while Papyrus focuses on directing their decent and Bone-Breaking anything that gets in their way! <3

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San's pose behind Papyrus when he mentions how stubborn Papyrus is gives me life.

Papyrus the Stronk.

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did gaster not see sans useing the blaster

Yess finally, an epic fight against space and time itself

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Yes!!! This is a great landmark for the 6h anniversary! I'm so excited to see what's next

Thanks so much for the update and providing us with your amazing work over all the years this comic has been going for 🙏🙌 you're amazing!

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Happy sixth anniversary

This is such a great story. I'm so excited for next episode ^^.

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Wow it's been ages since Ive been here! I'm gonna start rereading because its been about 2 years!

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Happy (late) 6th Anniversary!

I started reading Handplates years ago, and dropped off in the middle. But I am SO glad I got caught up with it again. Reading the whole thing all at once, seeing every character arc play out, every bit of foreshadowing come to fruition, all the themes develop, every motif be paid off as events unfolded, and overall just reading along as the world you made grows and comes full circle is honestly just a phenomenally wild ride. You're an awesome artist and writer is what I'm trying to get at here, thanks for all the content

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"Why wont you listen?"

Family trait

Also, couldnt it be argued the whole problem came from him being absent when he was there? I hope Asgore has his ear to that wall out there, cos Sadster *was* missed even when people couldnt tell what was missing (and suffering from the loss like Asgore in gaining lonely memories in place of a comforting friend). It reminds me of that WW2 thing where they were looking at returned planes to see where to armour them and mistakenly looking at where the damage was instead of where it wasnt.

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...Y-Yeah what D-Duskhaze said?...

but seriously, that's really deep and I've never thought about it like that🤔

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SIXTH anniversary? WHAT????

Handplates has been up for SIX YEARS NOW???? WOOOAAHHHH!!!

That deserves a round of applause!

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;^; This is my face right now. I'm so... well idk if happy is the right word. But I'm satisfied.

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I have apparently spent 6 hours catching up on this, and I have accidentally skipped class. Worth it. Its really nice to see that this is comic still active instead of probably permanently on hiatus.

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Papyrus has enough of the Drama Llamas! time to go home and talk like rational skeletons.

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Congratulations for the six year anniversary!!!! Your comics have always been my favorite and always will be. I also just want to say how thankful I am in your perseverance in making these comics. Thank you!!!

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Haven't read it yet but reading these comments I'm worried o.o

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